Kid Stuff #22: SuperMag (Vol.4, No.6) 1980

I can't look at anything with Robin Williams without feeling sad.  Maybe it'll wear off, but for now, I get a tinge of sadness which prevents me being able to really laugh at his stuff the way I used to.

But enough of this melancholy.  I loved these SuperMags when I was in school - and looking at them really takes me back.  As I recall, I ordered them from school book orders (along with Dynamite).  Looking at them now, they're not as wonderful as I remember, but still worth a quick walk down memory lane...


Album Covers #47: Babes on Front, Bros on Back

As you might imagine, for instrumental acts and traditional music, your audience isn't quite as concerned with how the musicians look.  Sure, all the teenyboppers wanted to have Lief Garrett or Andy Gibb on the cover, but a middle aged dude in 1973 could give a flying shit if the trumpet player is on the cover... in fact, he probably prefer it if he wasn't.

So, what to put on the covers of these albums?.... Hmmm. Let's think.  These records were bought almost exclusively by males, and the term "objectification of women" hadn't been invented yet.  I think you'll agree it was a natural choice to go with cheesecake in lieu of the actual musicians.  Given the sheer volume of cheesecake LPs for this type of music back then, I'd say it was a successful strategy.


TV Guide #16: Aug 31-Sept 6, 1985

This issue's glorious cover promises to be an outstanding edition... but, alas, it's just a lame article on George Peppard, and it's the summer, so not much to be hyped about in terms of programming.

Still, we haven't yet ventured into the 1980s with our TV Guide posts, and there's plenty here of interest.  Let's have a look...

Magazines #51: US (June 6, 1983)

Sit back and enjoy an edition of US weekly from the summer of 1983 - a periodical where Morgan Fairchild exists alongside Nina Hagen; where aerobics, tobacco, Lou Reed, Plymouth Turisomos and OJ Simpson all live in harmony.  Enter the world of US 6/6/83.


Mini Skirt Monday #215: White Minis

To continue with our color theme, where moving on to white. Recall, last time we covered yellow (MM 214), and we've also done red minis (MM 199), pink minis (MM 188), black minis (MM 74), and striped minis (MM 92).


Opinions and Rants #45: Is It Any Wonder?

It's been a couple years; we're long overdue for another rant.  This is basically a reflection on why certain things have gone south today.  Not an empirical, historical look, but rather a ranting, tubthumping look... but no less valid, in my view.

Grab, a beer, pull up a chair, and have a listen to a good old fashioned, 'what's wrong with this world' speech....


Wonder Woman: S2E11

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2 - December 9, 1977

Here is the continuation of the Wonder Woman two-parter. It's written by Stephen Kandel - a guy who wrote an unfathomable variety of TV episodes including the animated Star Trek, The Love Boat, Sea Hunt, McGyver, Vega$, Cannon, Batman, Dynasty, The Six Million Dollar Man, I Spy, and a ton more... so, you know it has to be good, right? Wrong.  .


Vintage Style #50

I have quite a stack of scanned German fashion magazine pages - many more of these to come.  We're starting with a couple Burda Moden magazines, one from January 1968, the other from June 1970.  Genie├čen!

Vintage Men's Mags #46: Modern Man Covers

Was there a girlie magazine more consistent than Modern Man with its covers?  Where Playboy, Tiger, Rogue, Fling, etc. would get creative - Modern Man was steadfast in its faithfulness to the  One Woman w/ Cleavage layout.

Never did it experiment with maybe adding two women.  Never did it go heavy on the props and setting.  Simplicity ruled on Modern Man: Just feature a chick with cleavage and be done with it.

Modern Man came before Playboy (1951), but it didn't last as long.  Wikipedia has it expiring in 1967; however, as the covers below attest - it was alive and well in the 1970s.

So, here's a giant stack of Modern Man covers, keepin' it simple.  It's interesting to see, as we scroll through the years, the amount of skin gradually increases.  Enjoy.

Occult #15: Mixology 1974

Well, I've published 15 occult posts in 8 years, and 3 of them are Mixology posts.  Needless to say, the occult is not my big thing - even though it was definitely a big thing in the seventies.

I couldn't resist posting yet another one of these fab astrology inserts. Booze and the occult go so well together Enjoy.


Ads #85: Women's Shoes

Enjoy a hodgepodge of women's shoe advertisements from the 1960s-1980s.