Vintage Wheels #28: Hot Rod Magazine Covers

Hot Rod magazine is one of the oldest car magazines that is still reigning supreme today. The Hot Rod lifestyle is a deep rooted part of American car culture and it's honestly one of the most thrilling ones to be a part of. 

We did some exploring and grabbed a couple of covers from the 1960's Hot Rod era and boy are there some thunderous rides on the covers. It's all about the big powerful engines that ruled the streets. You can check out some of the covers we found from the 1960's in the images below. 

In present day, Hot Rod is now part of a wider range of online publications that includes, Motor Trend, Automobile, Mustang 360 and a few more. The automobile game is only continuing to grow but it's always nice to see some of the earlier pieces like the beautiful covers below.


Vintage Styles #54: 70s Fashion Magazine Covers

When it comes to the 70s and high fashion, you can't help but to remember that the decade set a pretty high bar. In fact, some of the 70s styles still live on in clothing that we wear today. 

We are taking a look at some of the most popular magazine covers from fashion magazines in the 70s. You'll definitely recognize some of the names as they were publications that have transcended plenty of generations. You can start with the Vogue cover above.

 These magazines manages to capture some of the most incredible high-fashion styles and even some of the more inventive and lower-end fashion's such as the TEEN cover above.


Vintage Wheels #27: 1980's Road and Track Cover Cars

Road & Track was literally one of the most defining publications for automobiles for decades. During one of the golden eras that is the 80s their covers contained some pretty awesome machines that were totally breaking ground. 

Continuing to educate gear-heads, or car enthusiasts depending on your preference of terminology, on the European car market and the ground-breaking designs that came in years that followed.

The Corvette Z51 was one of the hottest cars in the 80's and was a great way to turn heads. This cover was able to capture much of the appeal of the wicked ride.

While we mentioned the Corvette above, the Datsun 280ZX entered the U.S. market and had us all a bit confused. It was a Japanese car that was giving an American giant a bit of a run for their money. 


Album Covers #49: Stacked Wax

In Album Covers 44, we demonstrated the prevalence of the female booty on vintage vinyl; but let's not dismiss the power of cleavage to sell a record either. There is a seemingly unlimited number or old-school album covers which put the gratuitous mammary to good use.  The marketing strategy: Man sees boobs, man buys. record.   It's as simple as that.


Mini Skirt Monday #217: Cheerleaders (Part 4)

It being the Fourth of July and all, I thought I'd commemorate it with a patriotic Miniskirt Monday post... and what could be more American than cheerleaders?  In case you missed them, the links to the first three editions are below.  Happy 4th!


Catalogs #51: 1969 Gold Strike Stamps Catalog

Those old enough to remember the 1960s and 1970s will remember trading stamps.  For those that don't recall, upon purchase at the grocery store, gas station, or really an merchant, they'd give you a corresponding amount of stamps you could later trade in for stuff.  They were sort-of the rewards card of the day - they weren't necessarily linked to the store itself - but you'd go there because their sign would say something like "We Give Gold Strike Stamps".

You'd put your stamps in a book, and dream big dreams about the wondrous things you will redeem them for.  Will it be a hi-fi, a dinette set, a vacuum cleaner?  In a time before credit cards and when families actually stuck to a budget, redeeming stamps was a big deal.

So, I've scanned some pages from a 1969 Gold Strike Stamps catalog.  Basically, the merchandise in here could be found at your local Redemption Center; although you could redeem by mail.  Enjoy.

Artful Conception #31: Strategically Covered Nudity (Part 4)

Back in the day, when you wanted to show your male audience nudity in order to sell your book, record, magazine, or movie, you had to do some sort of self-censorship - unless you wanted to be fined, arrested, or relegated to the "adult section".

So if you wanted your cake and eat it too (i.e. show your male audience a naked chick, but not violate any codes), you employed various forms of strategically covered nudity (SCN).  This method has been utilized too often to count, and could get pretty creative with their scenery censors.  So, here's a heavenly hash of a alphabetical cover-ups from A to D .  Enjoy.


Vinyl Dynamite #68: Star Wars Moog

You couldn't construct a more blah cover if you tried.  Some airbrushed space ships would've been nice - but, no, we get plain white text on a plain blue background.

Album cover aside, this is actually a pretty interesting Star Wars relic.  I actually enjoy a good moog recording, and this has its moments.  It avoids being as bland as the cover and inserts some funky disco grooves along the way.  Anyone interested in Star Wars nostalgia should give this a listen.

Kid Stuff #23: SuperMag

As you'll recall from our last SuperMag post, we're talking about a magazine much akin to Bananas and Dynamite -  one geared towards middle school kids getting their reading material from school book orders.  Of course, we had other outlets to get our periodical fix - Pizzazz, MAD, Cracked, and Crazy  - but those weren't hand-delivered straight to your desk at school.  As your teacher passed out the orders, you eagerly awaited your stash of pop culture gold; all while your friend looked on with envy.  Ah, yes, a new issue of Dynamite with The Fonz on the front - livin' the dream!

Here are scans from a few 1981 issues of SuperMag.  Peruse them here, or download the full sized PDF.  You might want to create a Retrospace folder on your desktop - we've got a lot more sharity coming your way.  Enjoy!


Vintage Style #53: Pretty in Pink

Prepare for a procession of prepossessing peaches as we proudly present a parade of pleasurable pretties all in pink. Enjoy!