Music Lists #22: Favorite Records

I hate greatest hits albums for the same reason I hate iTunes: the album as a cohesive whole is chunked in favor of being no more than a delightful assortment of individual tracks.  Does this make sense?  An Album (with a capital "A") is more than just a collection of tracks.  It's called synergy - where the total is greater than the sum of its parts.

An Album's songs are in a particular order, each serving a purpose.  (And I'm not just talking about the "concept album".)  There's a mood, a feel, a vibe that an Album has, that just isn't captured in a greatest hits album.... and it damn sure isn't conveyed in an iTunes playlist.

For instance, "Money" by Floyd surely deserves to land on a greatest hits album; but how pathetic to not hear it in the context of Dark Side of the Moon.  How lame to have "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" not flanked by "With a Little Help from My Friends" and "Getting Better".  Finally, to take it a step further, there are some albums where I don't love any particular tracks, but absolutely cherish the LP.  Translation: no stand alone songs, but a damn fine album.

So, shame on Retrospace for having gobs of music lists highlighting songs, but neglecting albums.  To make amends, here's my current favorites.  Please take note that I have refrained from listing a single song in this entire list.  Plus, this is a favorites list - NOT THE GREATEST LIST.  Obviously, Revolver, Aja, Saturday Night Fever, and Forever Changes should be here, but they're not.  This is what's on heavy rotation at the Gilligan residence, and what I have great affection for - not a hall of fame.

(Whew) That said, here's the list...


Cover Gallery #23: 1970s Soldiers Magazine (and the Monthly Soldiers Babes)

Here is the June 1972 cover of Soldiers magazine, the "Official U.S. Army Magazine".   And here is this month's Soldiers babe ...

Each month featured a full color picture of a chick for the military to drool over.  They were never naked, but it's still almost incomprehensible to imagine these days.  An official army publication with scantily clad ladies in every issue?  That's sexist!

Anyway, here are the covers to some issues published in the 1970s, with the issue's corresponding Soldier babe.  Enjoy.


Mini Skirt Monday #186: More Album Cover Minis

The last album cover theme for Miniskirt Monday was, I believe, in Feburary 2012... which is a shame because minis and vinyl go so well together.  In fact, one of the very first Miniskirt Mondays focused on a single album cover - the Bob Williams & Lynda Standell LP.  We've come a long way since then, with literally thousands of minis posted. Well, it's time to get back to our mini roots: enjoy another round of vinyl miniskirts!

The Horshack Redemption #25: Super Soul Brother (1979)

This week, your humble hosts Gilligan and the Professor take on Supersoul Brother, a blaxploitation flick from 1979.  But before diving in to this low-budget goldmine of "1970s-ness" and bizarre filmmaking, we roll our Top 3 Douche Bags of Cinema. Take a listen!

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Retrospace Radio #45

Believe it or not, the last Retrospace Radio was in April 2013!  Suffice it to say, another round is long overdue.  Enjoy.


Here's the track list for today's edition:

  1. "Cocaine" by John Martyn
  2. Invasion of the B Girls (1973) trailer
  3. "Oh Love, We Finally Made It" by Barry White 
  4. Bain de Sole commercial 1983
  5. "Roller Rink" by Trooper 
  6. The Hogan Family TV Theme
  7. "It's So Nice to be Stoned" - White Witch
  8. "Pop Promotion" - Gerhard Narholz and Jurgen Jaenner
  9. Redd Foxx comedy
  10. "Words" by Stories
  11. Exxon commercial
  12. "Anna's Song" by Hummingbird
  13. In the News clip
  14. "Hard Monkeys" by Ten Years After

Total Time: 23:28

Catalogs #39: Argos Catalogue Babes (1982-1989)

In our previous installment, we pretty well established that Argos babes were every bit as foxy as their American counterparts at Sears and JC Penny (despite the lack of a proper lingerie section). But in the eighties I think you'll agree the Argos folks kicked things up a notch.


The Boob Tube #55: TV Guide (November 10-16, 1973)

As you can see, it's "a very special week".  So, it's time to adjust those rabbit ears, pour yourself a bowl of Frankenberry and plant yourself on the well-worn spot on the living room shag.  Don't touch that dial!


Cover Gallery #22: The Gals of Radio Control Magazines (Part 2)

Sure, motorcycle and muscle car magazines had their cover babes, but (as I said in the previous edition) nothing says "chick magnet" like a remote control helicopter.  Those other magazines get all glory for their sleazy babes straddling hot rods and choppers; but what about those magazines featuring a girl and her "peanut scale cessna airmaster"?  I think they deserve some respect - and so here's part two (part one is here).  Enjoy.


Twisted Impressions #20

Is it wrong that I totally get a creepy sexual vibe from this innocent picture from 1978?  Have I just become so jaded that I can't look at kids admiring a phallus rocket and not chuckle like a depraved moron?  Tell me I'm not alone.

Here's a few more "innocent" photos that awaken my inner-degenerate.,,,