Magazines #44: Young Miss (March 1974)

We've got an article on "How to Talk to Boys", an essay on what's wrong with teenagers these days, some other Young Miss odds and ends, but first the requisite tampon ad...


Movie Reviews #52: Sessomatto (1973)

Sessomatto (AKA How Funny Can Sex Be?) is a hilarious (albeit tasteless) Italian sex comedy in nine parts. No real nudity to speak of; however, the content of the stories are pretty risque. The reason to watch is the two actors who star in all nine parts: Giancarlo Giannini, obviously a comic genius, and Laura Antonelli who is a stone cold fox, and pretty funny as well.

Now, I don't speak Italian, so I was definitely at a disadvantage for picking up humor that I'm sure got lost in translation.  Even so, I found it extremely enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny at times.  Sure, it wanders into bad taste, but it's still an interesting and different sort of comedy than what's delivered on the big screen these days. And I'm all for trying something different.  So, let's have a look at the nine acts....


Magazines #43: Family Circle (Nov. 5, 1985)

Here are some pages from the November 5th, 1985 issue of Family Circle magazine - starting with a testimonial from a bunch of dudes on what fragrances they like.

Harry the art director says,"I like light florals in summer; heavier, sweeter scents in winter." Whereas, David the food editor just likes his ladies to use soap.


Vintage Men's Mags #40: World of Men (Nov 1970)

As you'd expect with an old-school action rag, this issue is a goldmine of vintage sleaze, with tawdry tales and interesting ads abounding.  Let's turn the page, shall we?


Movie Reviews #51: The Lost Empire (1983)

Like I've said - I'm getting a lot of movie watching in while the family is away.  A lot of flicks I've wanted to see for a long time, or haven't seen in decades are going in the VCR the next couple weeks.

Today, we're looking at The Lost Empire, the directorial debut of Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Sorority House Massacre II, Return of Swamp Thing).  It's actually pretty low on nudity, but full of smoking hot ladies and enough fun-filled camp to keep most fans of 80s B-movies happy.

In The Lost Empire you'll find Anthony Kiedis' dad, disappearing eyebrows, a penis cannon, prison mud wrestling, ninjas, a King Sized Cracked magazine, and the Tall Man from Phantasm.  If this sounds intriguing to you, follow me as I take it scene by scene...


Movie Reviews #50: Beast in Space (1980)

What is this scene from?  Is it an old sci-fi drive-in classic from 1958?  But then, those were mainly B&W; so, maybe it's from 1966....

Nope, it's from 1980.  And it's a mess.


Vintage Scan #34: Parade (August 15 1971)

Today's Parade is just chock full of retro dynamite.  We have a treatise on Africans taking our white women as trophy wives, a reveal on the new replay machine for football games, and an open letter to President Nixon - plus flamethrowers for your yard!  It's an issue you won't want to miss...


Movie Reviews #49: Night of the Living Babes (1987)

I remember renting Night of the Living Babes back in '88 not knowing really what to expect. It was a strange little movie - sort of John Waters-esque, with a horror twist.  I returned it to the store, and didn't think about it again for twenty years.

Then, for whatever reason, a memory of this weird flick popped into my head.  "What the hell was the name of that movie?"  I couldn't remember to save my life, and it became sort of a quest to rediscover this film.

Recently, I found it, and was sad to see it's never earned a DVD release, so all that remains are some shitty VHS tapes and even worse VHS rips.  But that will have to do.  I'm not going to abort my quest just because of some poor video quality.  It's time to rediscover this lost classic scene by scene - let's dive in!


Vintage Scan #33: Parade (June 25, 1972)

I know I'm posting a lot of Parades, but I have a massive stack that I feel an unaccountable urge to scan.  If this isn't your bag move on to the next post - but know that each Parade is densely packed with super seventies-ness: a must read for any 70sphile.  Enjoy!


Mini Skirt Monday #190: Sci-Fi Minis

Captain's Log, Stardate 43125.8. Our mission: to explore the vast expanse of space and travel to the remote edges of time in a search of miniskirts.  Should we find them, we will record their existence for the betterment of mankind. It is only because of the gravity and importance of this mission that I'm willing to put this ship and crew at great risk.

It's time to explore high hemlines, to seek out short skirts, to boldly go where no pants or slacks have gone before.  Engage power - lift off!.