The Groovy Age of Travel #10: Plane Interiors

I'll be traveling all next week and, alas, there will be no Retrospace posts during that time.  But in honor of the occasion I thought it was fitting to post a pile o' plane pictures.  Back when the inside of an aircraft didn't mean being stacked like sardines... back when there were ashtrays in the armrests.  It was a different time...

Cinema #37: Comedy Movie Poster Art

Up the Creek (1984) - "Who says a bunch of boobs can't win a race?"
I love these old comedy movie posters from the 1960s- early 1980s.  There was some pretty decent artwork involved, and a healthy dose of wink, wink, nudge, nudge naughty humor as well - a winning combination.

Rather than look at the entire posters, let's just stare in awe at the illustrations.  But don't worry, I'll provide the title and tagline. Enjoy!


The Horshack Redemption #23: Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976)

In this episode The Professor and Gilligan run down their top three songs ruined by their music video. Then it's on to Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976).  Aloha High School is about to get turned into a shopping mall! Whatever will the Aloha sluts do?  Listen to find out!

As always we give you the movie's drinking game and our expert opinions - because when it comes to 1970s drive-in classics, we be experts.  This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Download episode, visit the website, and like us on Facebook.

Proceed onward for the screen capture gallery....


Mini Skirt Monday #184: Steps, Stairs and Minis

Way back in 2012 (can you believe it's been that long?) we did a Miniskirts and Stairs theme.  Well, it's been three years and we're due for another.  Enjoy!


Vintage Wheels #21: Chicks 'n' Rides

Is there anything cooler than a vintage lady alongside a vintage ride?  That's a rhetorical question, so don't answer.  Just enjoy the view...


Movie Reviews #45: The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

I can talk to you all day about a movie, but when it comes to typing it into a formal review, complete with plot summary and well-thought-out critique, I'm not your guy. That sounds like a lot of work; and I'd rather spend my time just watching another movie.

That being said, I do like sharing what I've watched and hearing your thoughts as well.  This week I watched a flick that is near and dear to my heart - The House that Dripped Blood.

The Boob Tube #54: TV Guide (March 22-28, 1980)

Is it just me, or does "The Controversy Over 'The Day Christ Died'" strike you as hilarious juxtaposed next to the gang from Sheriff Lobo?

Yes, I know.  You'd think with Retrospace in hibernation for a year, I'd be bursting at the seams with a variety of retro topics.  Yet, here's yet another TV Guide.  I can't help it - I've got a box of these, and they simply must be shared!


Catalogs #38: Argos Catalogue Babes (1978-1981)

Argos is a retailer that anyone in the UK is familiar with, but not many Americans recognize the name. Their catalogs (or, as they say over there- "catalogues") are pretty similar to a JC Penny's or Sears variety selling a mix of everything from gardening equipment  and lava lamps to bath towels and Star Wars action figures. And, of course, they had models to help sell their wares.

Like Barker's Beauties on the Price is Right who could make even a can of Folgers seem titillating, , these old Sears and JC Penny catalogs had all manner of pretty ladies modeling their home furnishings and braziers.  Young lads in the US held their catalog foxes dear (especially the ladies of the lingerie section) and I'm sure the 70s/80s kids in the UK held their Argos models in similar regard.  Argos definitely holds its own.


The Retrospace Podcast Archives

There aren't any new episodes here, but it made me sad that all those old podcasts have died a horrible death (thanks, Rapidshare).  Well, a few of you have requested that I resuscitate these dead links,so I've uploaded a bunch of them again.

If you're not familiar with these old podcasts, take note that these are just music and random retro-commercials, trailers, etc.with no talking (as in the Horshack Redemption)  - sort of a heavenly hash of retro-audio off the beaten path.

Who knows - maybe I'll do some more of these.  In the meantime, enjoy some recently resurrected podcasts from yesteryear...