The Boob Tube #52: TV Guide (August 4-10, 1979)

Yes, it's another TV Guide post.  Get used to it folks - I've got a box of them that are just begging to be scanned...


The Groovy Age of Travel #9: Tokyo 1961

I picked up this old brochure ("This Week in Tokyo, March 27, 1961) from an antique store and found it to be a pretty cool memento from the groovy age of travel.  Lots of ads for cocktail bars, nudie shows and posh hotels.  The swingin' jet setters that were traveling to Tokyo were livin' the dream... and to think, we had dropped two atomic bombs on them just 17 years prior!


The Horshack Redemption #21: Lisa and the Devil (1973)

The Shack is Back!  This time the Professor and I dive in to the Mario Bava classic Lisa and the Devil (1973).  As always, we start things off with our Top 3 List - this time it's the top three worst TV spin-offs.

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Pancakes #15: I Predict Pancakes

It's been a while since we had our last serving of pancakes, so let's go back to the basics.  We've done pancake books, catalogs, and coloring books.... but let's go back to our origins - the batter, if you will. It's time to see, once again, if we can predict pancakes.  Let's sharpen our pancake predicting expertise on a few social encounters from the 1970s-80s and see if we've let our skills atrophy over the break...


Vintage Scan #29: Mormon Genealogy Magazine (1969)

So, I live in Utah now... so, that happened.   It's actually a beautiful place with lots of hiking, skiing.... and thrift stores full of old Mormon magazines like this one.

I thought this one was cool because it dives into the high tech world of 1969 genealogy.  Not every issue of The Era is about this subject - the next one I'll scan is about Mormon youth in 1969, which is fascinating.


Cinema #36: Title Screens I Have Known

I apparently have a mental illness where I can't watch a movie on my computer without capturing the title screen.  The result: over the past few years, I've amassed a few hundred of these screen caps.

Here's a nice big pile of them for you to look at.  Longtime retrospace readers will remember a lot of these got the Movie Review treatment, such as Screwballs above (post 1 and post 2).


New Location!

I figured this was probably a good time to change the URL.  After nearly a year long hiatus, it feels kind of like a new leaf, and the "my-retrospace.blogspot" address always drove me nuts.  I never changed it because it destroys your Page Rank.... but that's neither here nor there.

Believe it or not, the "retrospace.com" address would have cost me $13,000.  The "retrospace.org" address cost a whopping $12.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, and welcome!

The Boob Tube #51: TV Guide (Jan 13-19, 1979)

These star-studded sweeping dramatic miniseries were all too common at the close of the decade.  I'm reminded of Will Ferrell's "Spoils of Babylon", a funny-ish sendup of these shows.  Take note: before Caruso's cocky sunglasses-removal shtick, there was Robert Vaughn in Centennial.