Wonder Woman S2E12

The Deadly Toys - Original Air Date: December 30, 1977

It's a Christmas episode (with precious little Christmas) about the world's deadliest weapon, androids, and murderous toys....and it's the last show of 1977. Let's watch...

Pulp Pages #10: 1970s Cronaca Vera

Ever heard of the Italian tabloid Cronaca Vera?  Me neither, but when I came across these amazing examples of pulp cheesecake, I knew I had to share.  You can download the whole lot in one PDF here, or just browse a selection below.

There's no nudity thanks to strategically placed headlines; however, I'm not sure you want to be ogling these pages at the office either. Cheers!


Tech #34: Men at Computers

At the end of Tech #33 - Women at Computers, I promised to provide some gender equality.  So, get ready for a motherload of sideburns 'n' SVGA, dudes 'n' dot matrix, bros 'n' BASIC... well, you get the idea.  Enjoy...

Opinions and Rants #46: Protest

As you've probably gathered, these Opinions & Rants posts aren't well researched essays with citations and plenty of hard evidence.  They're just me tubthumping armed with only about five decades of experience, and a watchful eye on what's going on in the world around me.

With that in mind, take it for what it's worth when I tell you that protesters today are not what they used to be.... in fact, they're kind of a joke....


Double Feature #33: Space Princesses Go To Earth

Escape from Galaxy 3 (1981)/ Princess Warrior (1989)

Tonight's Double Feature: Two 80s sci-fi movies about foxy space princesses who are pursued by an evil nemesis and must flee to a strange, far-off planet called Earth... and there they find the meaning of love. Enjoy.


Vintage Style #52: The Black Basque

Some of you may be wondering - what exactly is a basque?... and what's the difference between a basque and a corsette... and a bustier... and a torsolette....?  Yeah, it gets kind of confusing.

Don't bother googling it - that way lies madness. There are so many contradictory definitions, so many confusing explanations.  But have no fear, I will explain all... and provide a heaping helping of beautiful illustrations that will make your heart glad.

Vintage Scan #53: Bachelor's Beat (March 28, 1969)

Are you ready for another issue of Bachelor's Beat - the newspaper that chronicled the bachelor paradise that was the 1960s? When you pore through these pages, gazing upon a seemingly endless array of go-go girls, live music, and swingin' cocktail lounges, remember that this is just Scottsdale, Arizona!  It was a different world, my friend.  A different world.


Cinema #42: Name That Movie (Part 2)

Are your ready for round two?  Last time Lacey knocked it out of the park within the first few hours - so, you'll need to be quicker on the draw this time.  There are no prizes except for the deep personal satisfaction that comes with beating others.

As before, here are some obscure scenes from fairly obscure movies, all rendered to make identification even harder (and somehow strangely beautiful looking), and generally featuring the film's foxy lady.  This ain't the minor leagues, folks... there are some professional cult and B-movie experts among the ranks of Retrospace readers!

So, on your mark, get set.... GO!


Vinyl Dynamite #67: Nocturna - Granddaughter of Dracula (1979)

Imagine my joy when I came across this gem in a flea market dollar bin - it's the freakin' soundtrack to Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula!


TV Guide #19: May 8-14, 1982

I watched a lot of TV in '82, so this one brings back a lot of memories.  Plus, it's chock full of nice promo illustrations.  It's a good one to pore through - let's have a look...