Catalogs #19: Danish Catalogs 1970-72

Okay, here's part two.  I hope you enjoy another round of batshit crazy catalog pages from Denmark.  
I would like to thank the anonymous individual who pointed me in the direction of these great finds.  If any of you out there would like to clue me in on any retro goodness buried out there on the interwebs, I would be much appreciated. These scanned catalogs were hidden alongside musty 15th century manuscripts and other items of antiquity in the Royal Archives of Denmark. If you know of any other needle in a haystack find that would fit in with Retrospace, I beseech you to shoot me an email.

 Anyway, enough of this business. Let's check out some more catalog pages. Enjoy!

1972  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1971  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1970  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. wow - to the retro granny panties. apparently the idea of bikini style underwear hadn't made it to Denmark by 1970. or was that even a thing anywhere yet? imagine you go to slip off that sexy little mini-skirt and ahhh! or should that be "aieeee!!"

  2. What's wrong with granny panties? They're WAY more comfortable than bikinis, boyshorts, and thongs. I love my granny panties and wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything else.

    1. Oh I'm sure they are comfortable... just not very flattering.

  3. I really like the breakfast room set, with the blue and black upholstery.

  4. Love the entertainment center/bookshelf but the guy in the cuffed shorts! AGHH! My eyes!

  5. Those 4 on the boat; Is that kind of pancakes legal in Denmark?

  6. Well hello Miss Hot Pants and Thigh Boots! AAARRGGHH! Mr. Lego Hair is here too...they even give him the most fake looking goatee and moustache.

  7. Indeed mode really "strik" me on these pages.

  8. The hot pants/thigh boots look was my favorite, too, Nick H.