Vintage Men's Mags #33: Modern Man

Modern Man: The Adult Picture Magazine predated Playboy by a couple years and lasted for several decades before going out of business.  It had some pretty big name models and professional looking photography as well.  If focused on sports cars, guns, and other manly pursuits without every trying to look erudite as Playboy was often guilty of.  It always had the best (i.e. tawdry and outlandish) headlines as well.

It new what it was - a men's magazine, and never tried to masquerade as anything more.  Playboy and Mayfair would have articles by William S. Burroughs and William F. Buckley in an effort to make you forget you were reading a magazine with pictures of naked women.  You could actually kid yourself into thinking you bought the magazines for the articles.... not so with Modern Man.  It was a macho manly man's mag.  

Here is a loving tribute to its now defunct manly awesomeness: a bunch of Modern Man covers.  Plus, you can even download an entire issue on the house (June 1967 - NSFW). Enjoy.


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  1. Naked women, speedboats, motorcycles, naked women, race cars, naked women, crime, war, guns, and naked women.

    What's not to like?

  2. I wonder if a reader had his issue of Modern Man spiral bound to facilitate one-handed reading or if it was a experiment by the publisher.

  3. I hate to sound nostalgic but it seems that the girls from back in the day were hotter in their simplicity and elegance.

  4. Eh... nothing but breasts - they even cover their tush. Not much to see here people, move along.

  5. Most of these girls look less than thrilled to be gracing the cover of this magazine. April '65 is downright bored.

  6. These magazines give the impression that the world was just a playground for the red-blooded American male back in those days. Damn I was born about 3 decades too late.