Album Covers #1: Bad Album Covers

The compact disc, in my humble opinion, is a huge reason album sales are continuing to plummet. If the record were still around, your local Tower Records or Sam Goody might still be open. You can blame downloading all you want, but people download because they don't want to shell out hard earned money for something that can be utterly destroyed with a thumbprint.

An article in Classic Rock Magazine (April 2008) makes a great case for vinyl. "You could make an exact replica of them [CDs] with two keystrokes, obliterating any chance of the rare and exotic..... Sure it costs $16, but buy it and you'll be a cool kid with a cool record and a cool poster. Buy the CD version, and you're just another jerk with a CD...." and on it goes. You get the point.

This principle holds true for collecting records with bad album covers. There's a sense of fun in stumbling across an obscure album with a cover so horrifically bad that it demands your attention.

Check out The Museum of Bad Album Covers for a tour of the worst of the worst.

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