Comic Books #2: Lois Lane Comics

I take back what I said in an earlier post about there not being much in the way of "bad comic book cover" galleries out there. I found a good deal of them, and one of the best may be Superdickery.com. One thing I've found while grazing through some truly awful covers is that Lois Lane comics were easily one of the worst and weirdest comics ever made. Take a look at just the tip of the iceberg.

This one is bad for a multitude of reasons, the first being that Wonder Woman is beating the crap out of Superman's girl friend and he's laughing about it (what an ass). Second, where's the Wonder Woman outfit we know and love? Instead we get some sort of sleeveless bell bottomed unitard.

Apparently, Lois whacked Superman's ladyfriend and not even Batman can save her from the "Death House"!

I'm tempted to use a horrible pun here like "Lois Lane comics are Lois LAME", but I just can't. In all honesty, they were probably well worth the 15 cents.

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