Marcia Brady

I challenge you to find one Generation Xer who doesn't know how Marcia Brady broke her nose. The Brady Bunch is literally a part of our collective consciousness. A generation grew up alongside the Bradys, and watched the episodes ad nauseum in reruns. Long after we're gone, the Bradys will still be here.

So, how do you pick your favorite Brady - a true Brady fan doesn't. It's like Sophie's Choice - you simply can't ask us to do this without some degree of weeping and gnashing of teeth. They all added something special to the show. However, in this post I've tried to focus on just one: Marcia.

The Susan Dey/McCormick advertisement is priceless. What I wouldn't give to have a copy of that book!

I recommend Sitcoms Online for some good photos of Marcia and the gang. Retrocrush has some good stuff of Marcia here.

Maureen made her television debut on a Mattel Barbie Doll commercial in 1964. She went on to appear in episodes of "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie" before becoming a Brady. A generation is glad she did.

The Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick LP shown below is one of my favorite album covers simply because of Knight's horrible expression. He looks high for cryin' out loud! This is the best portrait they could come up with for the record?


  1. i love the bradys thanks.

  2. Thanks anonymous. Although, this is one of my earliest posts and I'm afraid I didn't do her justice.
    This is, after all, THE Marcia Brady.

    You need more than an album cover and an old advert to be a worthy Marcia post. Perhaps a follow up is in order...

  3. The big news in the here and now is Susan Olsen becoming a right-wing mouthpiece on Facebook...