Ads #3

"Introducing the job hunting tampon" with Ali McGraw

Advertising Rule #1: Never begin an advertisement for a product geared toward women with the title "Man Beats Wife". This can be taken a number of ways.

Advertising Rule #2: Don't use a picture of a cake which looks like a glistening pus filled boil to sell your product.

(Erp!)... Pardon me, but the idea of Rex Reed in the nude is causing me a bit of abdominal discomfort.

Sort of fits right in with my previous post (Hexploitation!) doesn't it? Just what those poor spirits need to deal with in the great beyond - a bunch of lame questions like "Should we go steady?"

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  1. I don't know what's scarier...a nude Rex Reed, or Jacqueline Susann, whom Truman Capote described as looking like "a truck driver in drag".