2 Songs About Something (#2): Daytime Lovin'

A few weeks ago, I created a post called "2 Songs About Dogs". I don't know how many people care for this sort of thing, but I had fun making it and so I thought I'd do another "2 Songs About..." themed post.

A reservation I had was that my tastes can be a bit off the beaten path, thus making my posts appealing to virtually no one. However, if you will recall my statistic from another post, well over 90 percent of blogs are written by pimply faced teenagers who could give a shit about The Starland Vocal Band, and the remainder are basically soccer moms posting pictures of newborns. In other words, the very fact that this blog exists at all is an oddity that is destined for the fringe.

So without apology, I bring you two of the dirtiest songs to come out the dirtiest decade, the 1970's.

If you remember, I created a post called Sex, Love and Custom Vans a while back. I discussed at length the free love culture of that decade and how Sammy Johns' music just epitomized it. Thankfully, Taleisin was kind enough to direct me to where this long lost soundtrack could be located: The Manchester Morgue blog. Buried in this forgotten time capsule is the wonderful track "Early Morning Love". It's played several times during the course of the film, The Van, and perhaps surpasses his hit "Chevy Van" in terms of representing perfectly the hippie free love mentality.

Next up is what else but "Afternoon Delight" by The Starland Vocal Band. I'm reminded of a hilarious scene on the show "Arrested Development" where Jason Bateman's character karaokes to the song with his young niece. Suddenly it begins to dawn on him how incredibly sexual the song actually is, and he quickly aborts the whole performance. Of course, another great pop culture moment revolving around "Afternoon Delight" is the spot-on a capella performance by Will Ferrel and friends in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Anyway, here's The Starland Vocal Band dishin' up the raunchy filth:

Update (1/19/09): Believe it or not, I've found yet another opportunity to bring up this Sammy Johns song. Check out 3 Pop Gems from Forgotten Films

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