2 Songs About Something (#4): Fantasy

"Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair, but gollum, and the Evil One crept up and slipped away with her."

These lyrics are, of course, from Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On", one of the best songs inspired by a work of fantasy (The Lord of the Rings).

Another great song in a similar vein is "Cthlu thlu" by Caravan, based on the Cthulhu mythology of H. P. Lovecraft. (I realize my last "2 Songs About..." post also had a Caravan song, so it may appear I'm some sort of die hard Caravan fan. Not at all. In fact, I hereby ban any further mention of Caravan on retrospace.)

In case there's one of you left out there that hasn't seen the incredible "Bilbo Baggins" video by Leonard Nimoy, here's my gift to you. You owe me one.

Hard to believe the guy who composed this song also did the arrangements for Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song". Great fun, extremely campy, but a horrible song all around nonetheless; only a tad better than Pink Floyd's "Gnome".

Moving on to an excellent example of a song based on works of science fiction is "Down in the Park" by Gary Numan (then in Tubeway Army). You probably remember him from his robotic 80's hit "Cars". The song was inspired by the dystopian fiction of Phillip K. Dick and William S. Burroughs, and you won't find a more depressing and disturbing song. It includes a description of a rape machine.... not exactly tailored for Casey Kasem's top forty countdown!

Well, I can't leave you on such a downer. So, let's pep the room up a bit with a song from Finland's Mainostelevisio. It has a sci-fi stage set, but otherwise has nothing to do with fantasy or sci-fi novels. However, it's so insanely bizarre that it may as well be from another planet. Enjoy.

3 observations: (1) the girl looks like Dana Plato, (2) dancing is not one of the strengths of the people of Finland, and (3) the song is mind numbingly bad, yet disturbingly catchy and will be stuck in your head for at least another month.... don't blame me, blame YouTube.


  1. I remember the sci-fi classic song In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans and think it would worth an MP3 link if you can find it for the the kids out there who have never heard it.

    I have some problems with the media on your site, too bad. I cannot play the imeem.com songs. It may just be a browser issue (I am using Mozilla right now) and will try it in IE or Safari later, as you now have the option to download. Some of the songs you post I want to hear really bad.

  2. That sucks that you're having problems with IMEEM. I've been using it simply because it seems to be the easiest to use. I had problems with most other audio programs I've tried to insert in a post. Arthur Ignatowsky recommended boomp3.com, and it was easy... I just couldn't get it to go. You recommended flash fetish and that's not working for me either.

    I'll blame blogger, and not my own ignorance on how to work this stuff.

    Another great sci-fi/fantasy song is Nice, Nice, Nice by Ambrosia based on Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

  3. No problem. I have not monkeyed with it that much. I have seen my site on other computers, like in Internet Cafe's and I get panicky because stuff does not appear. My wife says that that particular computer just lacks the correct plug-ins and stuff. I will try later on other browsers like I said.

    I have been behind on posting lately and not real motivated to catch up. I think all my tech issues and Wordpress problems finally zapped me now that I have them under some control and the site seems to be there day to day. I real the need to step back and take a breather and just watch some movies.

    I will get back if I get the plug-ins goings. Remember I am in China too and my connection is slow, slow. I have been trying to get a small anti-virus update for days now.

  4. willy- well, thanks for stopping in and commenting as usual. You are one of the few people that comments regularly.

    I don't get why most people do not take the time to comment. A perfect example is my post on "Some Velvet Morning" - I got linked by Metafiler and got over five hundred hits to that page in one day.... yet not one single comment (except from my usual gang of commenters - none from Metafiler).

    It's kind of disheartening, really. My motivation's a bit low lately as well. I can honestly say I would not have exhibited the patience you have, and would have chucked the whole thing by now. I'm glad you didn't.

  5. I will not lie, I can feel the same way too. I do not really checks the stats on individual posts too much, but I feel sort of bummed out if I work hard on a post, I think you can see some of my posts are not just a poster jpeg and paragraph of unresearched scrawl, and then usually not a thumbs up (or even down) from anyone... haha... I sulk sometimes!

    I comment here because I can usually connect in some way and my site has some retro-ish elements as well.

    here is a phenomenon I have too, is that I visited a couple sites I like (I will not mention the names but they are not one of our regulars) and I leave some long comments, and often get well written replies, but the site owners have never come to mine and left a comment. wow.

    There are a couple new sites I have found I like and the owners are cool, LAMBers, at Lurple.com and Dark Hole DVD reviews... you may find some old style movies info there.

    Anyway, we cannot always rely to all the places we visit. I always look forward to your visits. I do not have a lot of traffic and a percentage of my hits are my own refreshing. Most are from the US though and England. Man, I even had some hits from Romania!!! They have the Internet there?


  6. Your POP knowledge is formidable.

  7. i used to hear the Bilbo Baggins song being played with my late grand lolo. he even used to play it with his guitar. :)

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