2 Songs About Somthing (#3): Sports

Yes, it's another "2 Songs About" post. Maybe my least popular topic, but I'm easily amused, and find these extremely fun to do. These 2 songs each have a sport included in their title, but aren't necessarily about the sport itself.

1. "Golf Girl" by Caravan
This should also fall under the "sinfully underplayed" label since it's a great song that few have heard of. In fact, I think most prog rock from this period is so foreign and completely inaccessible to modern day listeners that it has faded into oblivion only to be enjoyed by a small fringe of rock snobs. (I must add, however, there is an entire XM Satellite Radio channel devoted to it, so maybe it's not as forgotten as I think it is.) How many times have you heard your local classic rock station play something by Can, Gentle Giant, Camel or even King Crimson? These bands were so heavily album oriented, with an often complicated theme running throughout the LP that it has not translated well to downloading which favors singles.

However, prog rock is not always about 20 minute guitar solos, complex album themes, and experimental sounds that don't lend themselves to radio airplay. "Lucky Man" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer is proof that prog rock can be somewhat catchy while still maintaining their artistic credibility. Kansas was a prog rock poster child, which later had top 40 hits. I think "Golf Girl" by Caravan also is a pretty melodic little tune, but at the same time has that prog rock trademark of being just a bit artsy and experimental. The best version of the song, in my opinion, is the one from the All Over You LP.

There is a YouTube video of "Golf Girl" but the sound and picture quality are less than desirable.

2. "Anyone for Tennis" by Cream
This odd little ditty by Eric Clapton and artist Martin Sharp contrasts with most of Cream's recordings, but is enjoyable nonetheless. Perhaps more enjoyable is the video of a heavily stoned Clapton and bongo playing Ginger Baker with cigarette dangling from mouth. If you can make it halfway through the song, you'll notice things begin to change and get a bit weird. The audience seems to find Clapton and the boys quite hysterical. Enjoy.

Here's a couple albums I love which have a sports theme. (And, don't be looking for the two Huey Lewis albums, Fore and Sports, they ain't here.)


  1. I like Cream and have most of their stuff but I have never heard of this sound and I liked it actually. Sort of psychedelic really more than bluesy. Clapton looked really nervous or something.

    I like the album covers as well. I had intended on doing more posts on album covers too but the only post I have done so far was something on...ready...Cannibal Corpse album cover art.

    Will get around to some posts on Roger Dean and the Hipgnosis company that did alot of the Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin covers.

  2. never heard of this song, not sound (but I never heard the sound either I guess)..i am really sleepy

  3. Gil

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    Just seemed like a good way to promote you guys from here, and also a way for me to keep up with what you are doing.

    If you ever want my feed URL let me know if you cannot gt if form my site, sometimes feeds are hard to open it seems.

  4. Bill (aka Uranium Willy) - Yeah, I love having the blog roll feeds on the side. They not only promote other people's blogs, but are an excellent way to keep up with other blog posts.

    However, I have heard that (if you're talking about increasing numbers to the site, and having trackbacks and links are certainly a way to do that) the java script in the blog roll feed looks like gibberish to Google robots, and thus is ignored/passed over.... but well worth it, in my opinion.

  5. Really? I guess there are somethings that I am gonna use no matter, ahah, simply because it seems convenient to me and users.

    I have a good assrtment of blog sites that I think are useful to me and others. i am picky about what i put on the blog roll and I use those for research, along with IMDB Wikipedia (and is so nice, lately Wikipedia is unblocked in China!!! No need to proxy it).

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    Yea, and I figured I needed a cool net name too, some Uranium Willy (from William S. Burroughs) it is.