Great Psychedelic Songs: Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post on psychedelic songs, there was a creative explosion in popular music in the mid to late 60's. Bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles took music to previously undreamed of heights (often with a little chemical assistance). However, by the early 1970's, the over-the-top fantastical compositions of the psychedelic era were relegated to fringe prog rock bands and a back-to-basics approach, a la James Taylor, became the next big thing. It was short lived, but a brilliant phase nonetheless. Amid all the musical masterpieces produced in 1967, what album did the Beatles consider their favorite? Harry Nilsson's Pandemonium Shadow Show.

Here are few more recommendations for your next psychedelic playlist:

"She's Like a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones
Their Satantic Magesties Request was supposed to be The Stones' answer to Sgt. Pepper. Instead, it was a wake up call to Keith and Mick to quickly change their style and get back to their roots - "Strawberry Fields" was definitely not their shtick. However, several songs on the album shine through, and this is one of them.

Shes Like a Rainbow - Rolling Stones

"Daily Nightly" by The Monkees
If they hadn't had the stigma of being a bubblegum TV band, they could've blended right in with the best of 'em. Mike Nesmith was a damn good songwriter and Mickey was an excellent vocalist. The Beatles actually were fans (unlike The Byrds who ridiculed them). The Monkees recorded several innovative songs and were one of the first to utilize a new instrument called a moog (Mickey owned one of the first models) which can be heard in this song.

Daily Nightly (2007 Remastered Album Version) - The Monkees

Well, I'm going to stop here because I am experimenting with the best way to insert audio into my posts. In the previous psychedelic songs post I embedded a Quicktime player which seemed to work well, but it became a royal pain. I had to upload my files to another location and it was a pain in the ass to compose the post because it kept trying to play while I was composing, and I had to constantly save, etc., etc... I'll spare you my sob story. If you have a better way to post audio let me know (I'd really appreciate it).


  1. Daily Nightly is great. And of course - most of the tracks on the 'Head' soundtrack are too.
    Regarding mp3's - boomp3 is pretty good and very easy to use. Fileden (I use this one most frequently) is good for storage and quite cheap if you decide to pay for more space, but beware of bandwidth issues if you start posting a lot of music! It can get used up before you know it and they remove your files without warning.

  2. Yeesh, Fileden sounds a bit scary. I appreciate the tip and will check out boomp3.

  3. This comment is fairly late, in terms of when you compiled your list, but I would like to add the song GREEN TAMBORINE to your Great Psychedelic Songs list. I was still very much a kid, having been born in 1960, but I remember all the songs quite well, having had a transister radio glued to the side of my head for most of the last half of the 60's! Thanks-you for your excellent list!