Six Degrees of Juan Epstein

I find it interesting to see how two totally incongruous things can somehow be connected. I was always a big fan of that show "Connections" and "The Day the Universe Changed" hosted by James Burke. So, anyway I thought I'd try a variation on "six degrees of Kevin Bacon", and start with Juan Epstein (Robert Hegyes) from "Welcome Back, Kotter".

1. Robert Hegyes is the cousin of Jon Bon Jovi

2. Jon Bon Jovi is in a band with guitarist Richie Sambora

3. Sambora dated Cher

4. Cher starred in the film Good Times directed by William Friedkin

5. Friedkin directed The Exorcist which was based on the supposed real life exorcism of Ronald Hunkeler who is a NASA scientist

6. Hunkeler developed a material that will keep inflatable deployment systems rigid and operational for future spacecraft landings

So there you have it. Juan Epstein is connected to the development of the epoxy coating on airbags that will safely carry spacecraft onto distant planets. Cool.


  1. Gil, as much as I LOVE this post, I have to inquire... Are you extremely bored at work today?? Nevermind, don't answer that - if you can come up with this stuff, I don't care how you arrive there! Thanks for the kind words at my blog. I figured of all people you would probably agree. Cheers, Chick

  2. Yeah, cubicle life can get a little boring.... I take that back, after 10 years working here I've actually been upgraded to an office (which is basically a cubicle that extends to the ceiling). Lots of paperwork, lots of meetings, lots of computer time.... let's just say I needed a little Juan Epstein to spice up the morning.

  3. That is freaking brilliant!