Kid Stuff #1: Awful Things for Kids

Let's have a look at some toys and things aimed at children which were based on movies or TV shows that have absolutely no business being associated with children's products. For example, the Diff'rent Strokes coloring book.

Kids want a coloring book on Star Wars or Godzilla, not the Drummonds! For the love of God, what were they thinking?
Thanks to Plaid Stallions which spreads the 70's love on a daily basis.
What kid wouldn't want to color in the page where Kimberly falls down a flight of stairs?

Retrocrush has the entire Bo Derek trading card series here. Again, it tests the very limits of my imagination to try and figure out the reasoning behind this product. If they were targeting the hormonal boy demographic, lame pictures of Bo from her stupid Tarzan movie wasn't the way to do it.

Becca over at No Smoking in the Skull Cave has a post on some interesting lunch boxes. My favorite is the Taxi lunch box. What kid could possibly have ever wanted a Taxi lunchbox? I wanted Battlestar Galactica and The Six Million Dollar Man on my lunch pail, not Judd Hirsch!

Words cannot describe my feelings about the Sonny Bono doll, so I'll let it speak for itself.

I do, however, wonder if any kids bought the MacGyver action figure. Probably the same type of kid who'd buy a Rockford Files, or Scarecrow and Mrs. King doll.

How could you get a wedgie in the mid 70's in middle school? Say the following sentence: Hey guys, after school, d'ya wanna come over my house and play The Love Boat board game?

I could go on forever, but I'll post just one more (restraint, Gilligan, restraint). This one has no affiliation with a TV or movie. I'm including it because the cover is so unbelievably bad that it deserves your attention. Move over Halo 3, I give you Anticipation!

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