The Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic

If you've visited retrospace before, you probably know that I'm often intrigued by the odd and bizarre elements of pop culture history. The paintings of Art Frahm definitely fall into that category.

Art Frahm was the guy who gave us the famous Coppertone ad seen to the left. He also made a pretty good living at creating commercial art for magazines and consumer products. But here's where it gets interesting: he also painted tons of pictures of women losing their undergarments while carrying celery.

Yeah, you read it right, and he did it over and over again throughout the 1950's. I found a wonderful site that analyzes each picture with some pretty hilarious commentary on the artwork.
By the way, it's a myth that the Frahm's Coppertone girl was Jodie Foster. The original Coppertone girl was Cheri Brand. This from snopes.com:

Little Miss Coppertone® came to life in animated form at the end of a Coppertone commercial in 1965. Actress Jodie Foster had her television debut in the same commercial, appearing as a toddler on a boat with her family enjoying the day. This commercial created false rumors that Foster was the original Little Miss Coppertone®.


  1. I never thought about the fact that the women often had celery. I did always love his work.

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