Eve Plumb, Last Brady Girl Standing

"Chris got me wasted last night and I am so ready to vomit on the microphone."

That's a quote from a recent interview with a hungover Susan Olsen. To make matters worse, Maureen McCormick's autobiography (set to release in October 2008) is rumored to contain a confession that she had lesbian feelings toward Eve! If that weren't enough, she's been acting very un-Marcia-like on the reality TV show circuit (with Bobby Brown!).

The Brady boys have fared much better. I saw Barry Williams in person not that long ago, and he seemed to be doing pretty well- I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. His bro' Chris Knight became a success in the computer industry and then literally lived on reality shows for a couple years. Mike Lookinland had a DUI about ten years ago, but no further trouble.

Yes, Eve is the last Brady girl that can still hold her head up high - she hasn't resorted to cheap autobiographical confessions to pay the bills, and she hasn't appeared haggard and wasted on YouTube.

Now that Mr. Brady is no longer with us, there's no one to keep these girls in line. So, Greg, I'm talking to you, it's time for the eldest son to step up, set the girls straight and bring respect back to the Brady name! This'll more than make up for when you ditched them to become Johnny Bravo. (And please, dear God, don't screw this up like you did when you lost those important architectural designs!)


  1. Yep, Eve is the last one.

  2. Especially since Olsen has gone off the right-wing deep end...