A Long Time Ago, Everyone Hated Women

I'm being facetious in the title of this post, of course. But it is interesting to reflect on how women were portrayed in days of yore; depending on your perspective, these images are either really funny or really sad. I recently posted a bunch of retro sexist ads and it just got me thinking about it.

"Wives should be kissed and not heard" says Reed Richards. Then there's the classic song "Wives and Lovers" by Bacharach/David. Here's the lyrics:

Hey, little girl,
Comb your hair, fix your make-up.
Soon he will open the door.
Don't think because there's a ring on your finger,
You needn't try any more
For wives should always be lovers, too.
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you.
I'm warning you.

Day after day,
There are girls at the office,
And men will always be men.
Don't send him off with your hair still in curlers.
You may not see him again.
For wives should always be lovers, too.
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you.
He's almost here.

Hey, little girl
Better wear something pretty, something you'd wear to go to the city.
And dim all the lights, pour the wine, start the music.
Time to get ready for love.
Oh, time to get ready, time to get ready,
Time to get ready for love.

My favorite version of the song is by Vic Damone, but Jack Jones does a pretty good job too.

Wives And Lovers - Jack Jones

Would it make you feel better if I told you Nancy Sinatra sang this song as well? I didn't think so.

A gallery of unintentionally funny comic panels can be found here. The one pictured above is particularly appropriate here.

What do you think of this game? (from funnyhub.com) Look on the bright side, at least father and son are having a good time.

Of course, it's easy to poke fun at the past with such blatant examples, but if we're being honest, the attitudes never really changed much. You could argue that in many ways attitudes are worse.

It's one thing to view females as inferior, and it's something completely different to view them with contempt - that's called misogyny. Any modern hip-hop album would make Bacharach's little tune sound like a Women's Lib Anthem!

But let's not single out hip-hop...

Anyway, suffice it to say that disrespectful attitudes towards women have been around a while and continue to exist, like it or not. But I don't want to end on such a downer - let's bring this room back up a notch with a couple more unintentionally hilarious comics from yesteryear:

Don't go back and read it again. You read it right the first time.

Archie, a simple "yes" to Betty's question would have sufficed.


  1. I decided to head over to your blog. Wow. This is really cool. I added your blog to my blog links. I hope you'll do the same with mine. Thanks.

    It's about time for bed so I don't have the time to really check your blog out in as much detail as I would like. I'll do that asap.

    I do think many things of the past would be considered sexist and not politically correct by today's standards. To be honest, I think there are much worse things in today's entertainment that some of this. I think much of what went on in the past was more playful. Not that there wasn't any of it that I'm sure was offensive. Now so much of what is called entertainment is downright hateful against women. I can't stand that. I love, adore, and respect women so much.

  2. king of cool- Thanks for the kind words, and of course I'll add a Dino link.

    The issue of attitudes towards women really is a complicated one, and my silly little post doesn't do the topic justice by a longshot.

    I'm inclined to agree with you, that today's culture has traded in playful sexism for a misogynitic attitude. However, for every example of current day hatred towards females (Ludacris, et al) someone could always come back with things like those so-called "roughie" films popular during Dino's heyday.

    So, who knows? I will agree with you on one thing -it's getting late; time to hit the hay.

  3. We had that battleship game. I posted a picture of it on my blog and talked a bit about the sexism.

  4. That song wives and lovers is hilarious! "men will always be men" Implying that If you don't look pretty for your husband some girl at the office will steal him away! HAHAHAHA!

  5. I had that same version of Battleship as a kid. My friends and I (all boys under ten) really disliked the picture on the box cover for three reasons. First, we noticed right away the womenfolk grinning happily at watching the "fun" while washing dishes. We knew that even if our mothers would allow the "boys" to get away with that (doubtful), our sisters would burn the house down before allowing anything of the sort to happen. Second, the "boy" is quivering with excitement bordering on orgasm. Maybe some board games are that fun (doubtful--maybe Twister....with the right people), but not that game. Finally, look at the WASP dad having such a great time playing with the kid. Not in my neighborhood.......

  6. Well at least Archie went back to women after beating three guys off. Better than a lot of priests.
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