Fact or Fiction #2: The Mysterious Mrs. Drake

More elusive than Bigfoot, more perplexing than the identity of Jack the Ripper, I give you..... Joyce!

The hunt for the woman behind this infamous record has been ongoing for years. A favorite among aficionados of bad album covers, the true identity of "Joyce" remains a mystery.

Knock it all you want, tracking down and identifying these mysterious figures from old record covers can be very interesting.
Take for example, Beverly Massagee (pictured to the left), who ended up possibly being a central figure associated with the JFK assassination (read about about it in a previous post).

Here's a few theories and speculations on the enigmatic Joyce.

It is believed that her full name is Joyce Drake.

There is evidence to support that she was the pastor's wife at First Assembly of God in Sealy, Texas during the 1970's.

This gravestone could mark the final resting place of an offspring of the mysterious Mrs. Drake, but a 1924 date of birth would seem too early.
There is speculation that it could be simply a persona - that of British actress, Maureen Lipman, who used to put on a one-woman show called Joyce!, where she was made-up to look similar to the woman depicted on the album. However, this is just speculation at this point.
By the way, Joyce! is based on the life of actress, comedian, and singer/songwriter Joyce Grenfell. The talented Grenfell appeared in the 1963 Hammer remake of James Whale's classic The Old Dark House.
You can listen to a song from her album here. There are only ten known copies in existence, so savor every word.


  1. That is really interesting. Who do you think she is? What's funny is that I remember several ladies that looked like that when I was growing up.

  2. I think she's a pastor's wife in Texas and has absolutely no idea there's an international quest to find her.

  3. That's probably true. The women she reminds me of are some in my family's church.

  4. It's not Maureen Lipman. Speaking as a Brit, I remember when she did her tribute to Joyce Grenfell (who was very funny as the undercover police woman posing as a games mistress in the original St Trinians movies, among other things)...

    and there's a link here:


    Much like the witty Miss Grenfell, Maureen Lipman is regarded as something of a national treasure over here

  5. It is Joyce Drake. She is my aunt. Yes, she is a pastors wife in Sealy, TX and she knows. Considering that album was made in 1983, there is nothing bad or super funny about it. Everyone looked like that in the 80's. There are too many lame people making fun and trying to find out who she is. Recently her album was featured on a segment with Jeff Bridges on the Ellen show. Instead of wasting your time on sites such as this, how 'bout sending Ellen an email requesting Joyce be on the show. At least then you can see the person behind the album.

  6. JOYCE is Joyce Landorf, a very well known Christian author during the 1970's, her biggest seller was "His Stubborn Love".

    Here's a pic of one of her later albums (I think there were at least 4):

    There was controversy in the mid-late 80s when she divorced her husband (sadly this was a big issue then, especially for a well-known speaker) and she disappeared from view.