Retrospace Endorses Kennedy for President

Like many of you, I watched the Sarah Palin speech. I'll leave my politics off this blog, but I think that a lot of people when they saw Palin they were thinking ...

... and I think superhuman abilities are what it's going to take to dig us out of the hole we've made. (For some reason I'm craving Popey's chicken)

However, since we can't realistically expect a former inhabitant of Krypton to assume the Oval Office, we'll have to settle for an earthling to clean up Bush's mess.

Let's try to think outside the box for a moment- I propose we obtain a DNA sample from the remains of John F. Kennedy in attempt to create a clone, which will grow at an alarming rate using alien technology obtained from the spacecraft stored in Area 51.

Man, I'd vote for JFK in a heartbeat.

And we know Kennedy and the Kryptonians have worked together in the past. Another plus.

If, however, neither a Kryptonian or a resurrected Kennedy is possible, we may still have hope. A lot of our nation's problems aren't that difficult to solve. A little common sense is all that's needed.

For example, how to solve our current fuel problems? Itty bitty clown cars.

But perhaps the most pressing question of the day is who's going to perform at inauguration ceremony? No worries... problem solved.

And last but not least, we must consider who will be the V.P.? I say we try something new and leave it a mystery. We won't say who our vice presidential nominee is until he's elected, and then and only then will he theatrically remove his mask. It'll add an element of danger and excitement, and I'm banking on folks casting their vote just to see who it is.

And there you have the official retrospace nomination. Kennedy-(?) in '08!


  1. Excellent pictures. And I'm in love with Sarah Palin.

    I'd vote for Chickie Baby (a Sinatraism) any ol' day. Kennedy and Jesus (with Jesus as VP) - now that's at ticket.

  2. When you think of Sarah Palin you think of Supergirl?! Here in Norway we tend to laugh and facepalm when we hear that woman talk.