Ads #5: Sexist Ads

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Let me see if I understand this correctly: this husband is literally spanking the hell out of his wife because she "store tested" his coffee. In other words, she shopped for a new brand of coffee without being absolutely certain it was to his satisfaction. Wow! This guy makes Dwight Yokum on Sling Blade look like freakin' Alan Alda!

She'll follow you anywhere allright. For blowing second hand smoke directly in her face, she'll follow you home and slash your tires. You can tell by the look on her face she's thinking of twenty ways to make this motherf***er pay.

And this clueless husband ad courtesy of Found in Moms Basement. "You certainly clean up fast these days", he says. Please tell me there's poison in his coffee.

This one is from an article "The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot" found here.

This one may be the worst one I've ever seen from Appetite for Equal Rights. Sexism has never been more blatant. Wow!


  1. That top one says NOT store-testing, if you look at the subheadline. So, he's beating her for the opposite reason. hahahaha

  2. Just discovered your blog. Amazing stuff.

    Archie rescuing Betty after "beating off" three guys was hilarious.

    The Batman stuff, well, maybe Wertham had a point...

    As far as these ads here, they should have an episode on Mad Men where Don Draper & the crew have to deal with things like these...

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