Opinions and Rants #3: Tales from the Sewer

I recently made the regretable decision to open up the current issue of Entertainment Weekly and found this description of a show called "Californication":

The first episode finds our antihero "accidentally" performing cunnilingus on another woman..... Hank's agent, Charlie, will lose his job, then ditch his cocaine-addicted wife to shack up with a porn actress and produce an adult film.

In case you didn't know, the show stars our porn-loving friend David Duchovney who recently received treatment for being a sex addict. Anyway, turns out this debauched show blends right in with the rest of the season lineup. One called "Gossip Girl" is real popular with the kids. Here's the rundown via Entertainment Weekly:

This year Gossip Girl will be a smorgasbord of raunchy sex, male prostitution, and lots of rich people doing bad things

What the hell? Let me be clear - I'm not in the least bit offended by this... I'm just tired of this slutty sleaziness always being in my face. Back in the day, the stag film may have been playing at Frank's bachelor den, but it was nothing but wholesomeness in the family den. In the 70's you had to go to Times Square to enjoy a little smut, now you can't get away from it. Plus, these shows have a different kind of sleaziness. I can't explain it except to say it's the type of sleaziness that has Trychomonas. Here's the kind of program description that I'd like to see in Entertainment Weekly for a change:

Andy and Barney get locked in the jail, and only Otis has the key.

Get the picture? And to think we were once worried about so-called "Jiggle TV"!!

Read closely, the cover of this issue of People Magazine calls Three's Company "raunchy". Raunchy? It seems our definition of what's raunchy has changed a bit over the years.

I've got one thing to say to these nasty, sleazy, degenerate piece of crap television show writers who have no talent so they rely on "shock value" from the gutter, and I think my main man Redd Foxx said it best:

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