Album Covers #2: The Ventriloquist and the JFK Assassination

The Beverly Massegee LP has become something of an all-star in the world of bad albums. You can listen to a sound clip from it at bizarrerecords.com and read about it in the book Horrifically Bad Album Covers, which I own and love.

The biggest oddity surrounding this album is not the strangeness of the record, but Beverly herself. Many believe she is actually the Babushka Lady. Let me repeat this to ensure that you hear me loud and clear - Beverly is the Babushka Lady. That's the woman who filmed JFK up close at the very moment he was assassinated! Here she is at the scene of the crime.

To read more on her possible connection and witness to the president's assassination go here. I'm not much of a JFK assassination expert, so I really can't make heads or tails of how credible the story is. But it does seem like a strong possibility that she was actually there.
What's perhaps even more interesting is that Beverly Massegee (then Beverly Oliver) was a strip club dancer and was a regular entertainer at Jack Ruby's club, the Carousel. Now, what are the odds that an affiliate of Ruby, the guy who would kill Lee Harvey Oswald, would just happen to be at the exact spot of the Kennedy assassination? True or not, the mystery is extremely intriguing.

Side note: Don't you find it kind of strange that a ventriloquist act would even make a record? Isn't the whole basis of ventriloquism, like a magic show, in the presentation? Yet, believe it or not, there was actually an entire sub-genre of ventriloquist records! We live in a strange and interesting world.


  1. Edgar Bergen worked his Charlie McCarthy puppet on RADIO for 19 years!

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    Okay, a comment: How damn funny could a ventriloquist album be? I thought half the humor was watching the human and puppet interact/

  3. pierre- good point. Wasn't Edgar Bergen Candice Bergen's dad?

    bill- I just checked your site, and things seem to be looking good again. I plan to read your post on the Collector as soon as I get a chance. Hang in there.

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    Thanks for the media (it does work in my IE or Safari browsers...not my Mozilla).


  5. I never knew there were even albums like this. That's definitely one of the strange things out there in music. I guess if they had ventriloquists on the radio back in the day, then they could do albums as well. I wonder what these were like.

    I don't know as much about the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination as some people do. I do find that quite weird that she was there and her connection to Ruby. It does make you think.

  6. It looks like Ricky's right hand in that pic is ready for action. Does sitting in Geraldine's lap give him wood?