Fads #3: When Musicians Got Hairy

I love to look at pictures of bands from the mid-sixties -they looked like such clean cut gentlemen. Then something happened around the end of the decade. By 1970, these bands became almost unrecognizable from their former fresh faces. These dapper young men all of a sudden became greasy hippies!

The perfect examples are the famous 1963 and 1969 pictures of the Beatles taken in a stairwell at EMI. The two images were wonderfully merged as shown above. (found here) It's striking to think that it was just a matter of six years between the two photos.

Another example is The Young Rascals, who changed their name to The Rascals and two of them got a whole lot hairier. They also mercifully ditched their Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits!

Another striking transformation was the psychedelic group, Marmalade. Look at one of my previous posts and see their metamorphosis from clean cut lads to unshaven stoners. Thankfully, they decided to no longer go by the name of The Gaylords!

Well, who are these fine young men trimming the Christmas tree? Why, it's the Beach Boys all dappered up in sweaters and slacks for the holidays!
Surely, such an upstanding group of gentlemen would never become a bunch of hippies. Right?


By 1979 Dennis Wilson was looking more like Charles Manson than Charles Manson!

Look here at an earlier post to see jazz flutist Herbie Mann go from mild-mannered nerd to oily sex machine.

My favorite hairy metamorphosis would have to be the Bee-Gees. From dapper gents to jive-talkin' kings of the chest hair. It's a wonder what a decade will do!


  1. Barry Gibb looks like Chaka from Land of the Lost wrapped in foil. Disco made him do it! Enjoy your blog.

  2. The Beatles was the first band I thought of when I saw this post. I know what you mean about the Bee Gees. It is weird to see all the clean cut guys get all hairy as the decade went on.

  3. Chris- Hilarious. If Chaka grew up and became a Solid Gold Dancer, he'd look like Barry Gibb.

    Keith- I'm sure most people don't really find it interesting... a bunch of bands got long hair - so what? Well, when you consider the radical change in the mindset that occured when the late sixties rolled around which literally changed the appearance of every single musician, it's pretty fascinating to me.

  4. Oh yeah. I find it fascinating. Something was going on that during this particular decade these musicians changed their hair, clothing, often their sound, etc. It was a whole different mindset going on out there.

  5. Those Gibb guys look good, I'm usually not fond of long hair - but theirs is great.

  6. Mina - Is the 70's "feathered" look coming back into vogue in Budapest?

    In all seriousness, I spent two solid years of my life (1978 and 1979) wanting to be Barry Gibb, so I can't slam it - it was certainly the cool look back in the day. The gold lamé suits are fair game for ridicule however...