Boo Humbug!

Hasn't all that anti-Halloween stuff gotten a little old? It's funny how pagan traditions associated with Christmas and Easter are okay, but Halloween traditions are considered evil in many churches. Santa and the Easter Bunny are fine, but ghosts are strictly off limits!

My favorite propagandist and violently anti-Catholic hate monger has to be the infamous Jack Chick. I highly recommend you visit his tract at Chick Publications called "Devil's Night", an insanely nonfactual piece of propaganda against Halloween. It's hilarious and at the same time rather sad. Here's a few panels from the tract.

If you enjoyed that, then you don't want to miss an earlier anti-Halloween tract by Chick found here.

This same sort of odd religious vein spawned another weird comic - the infamous Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika. View the entire comic pdf file here. Now, it's nowhere near as hateful as the Chick tracts - not by a long shot. But it is a rather strange little comic with a patriotic and religious bent that I found interesting.

But back to the subject of Halloween haters...

It's interesting to notice the inconsistencies that abound in the anti-Halloween crowd. I've already mentioned that these Christians embrace many other pagan rituals associated with Christmas and Easter. I also wonder why is it okay to watch Snow White or The Little Mermaid which feature witches, but a witch associated with Halloween is verboten?

When I was a kid, this sort of angry sentiment either didn't exist or I was sheltered from it, because it never would have dawned me, awkwardly dressed as Frankenstein's monster in 1975, that I was being a satanist!

So, just enjoy yourself and... Have a Happy Halloween!!

[this image and more like it found here]


  1. And a happy halloween to you...

  2. Glad to see you got that Chick tract up. I actually love those little things and used to collect them. Sure they are too bu taken lightly by anyone with a lick of reason, but who can deny the sheer entertainment value of the anti-evolution tract Big Daddy, which to this this day is still seen as an absolutely valid refutation of all Darwinian theory.

    T o be fair though Pagans and non-Christians can be pretty intolerant too as I know from living in "enlightened" Seattle for ten years. At that time I was an atheist (I am not any loner, I lost my faith in it) et I will still say "Merry Christmas", much like poor Charlie Brown would, seeking the rel meaning in there somewhere. But I swear people went into seizures at the sound of the dreaded MC word there. Would get hostile. The city council even threatened city employees with termination if they used the MC word on the job. I guess if I screamed Allah Akbar or Hail Satan it would be okay.

    Anyway, Happy Halloween from the Uranium Cafe where it is Halloween with every post, so nothing out of the ordinary here.

    I will be doing a Chick tract myself here shortly. Good post.


  3. I can only imagine what Halloween is like at the Taliesin house! Something tells me Lord Byron and Stoker would be proud.

    Willy- Great comment. I totally agree- non-Christians are often more intolerant and sensitive than the Christians. I currently reside in Ground Zero of the Bible Belt and the anti-Halloween sentiment here can be pretty extreme. Somehow by calling it a "Fall Festival" it makes everything okay. To me, that's even MORE pagan - at least the name "Halloween" is based on Christian terms (All Hallow's Eve), but "Fall Festival" sounds like a seasonal festival that would make the Druids proud!

    I'm not an atheist either - and I could go into a long diatribe about this sort of thing, but I guess I should save it since this is just a light hearted nostalgia site.

    Looking forward to your Chick tract post. I just barely grazed on the topic, and I'm sure yours will be much better and in depth.

  4. My family have been Free Will Baptists for generations. We got a lot of this Chick tracts when we were growing up. The church never liked the kids to do much with Halloween. They really preferred you didn't go trick or treating. We would anyway. They would always throw a party where all the church kids could go dressed as Bible characters. Not sure if they still do that or not.

    I think people, both religious and non-religious, get too hung up on the name thing. There's nothing wrong with the name Halloween. It's just like those who get their panties bent out of shape over Christmas.

    There area lot of intolerant bigots of all religions and plenty as well who are atheists. I've come across a lot of really nasty creeps lately that are atheists. No one group has a monopoly on intolerance and hatred.

  5. I love the Halloween themed Chick Tracts. I like “Boo!” a lot, but also “The Devil’s Night” and “The Little Princess.” Someone made a short film of “The Little Princess” - you can see it (and like 10 others) over at http://www.316now.com. It’s a hoot.

  6. Gil

    lately having some issues (haha... same ol' song and dance, right?)connecting with blogspot.com blogs and getting messages through. Blogspot sites are making my Mozilla browser crash. I am using the new Google browser now to see how it manages. So far so good.

    I actually have a blogspot blog finally since running one from China was hard before, but Google totally kissed Beijing's ass and struck up some deal and blogspot is back here. The dashboard will open in Chinese but I can change all that to English

    it will be just one of those day to day blogs. pics of my life here I guess, opinion and such. tales of ESL teaching... true horror my friend.

    lets hope this goes through...

  7. All through my childhood until the early 1990's my church (diciples of christ christians)had a yearly Halloween Party complete with costumes and a haunted house. After it became politically incorrect for churches and schools to support Halloween, they changed it to a "Fall Festival" and no costumes ere worn. I remember living for Halloween at school so I could dress up with my friends. Now everyone's so worried about offending people that kids are not allowed to dress up at school and most schools have gone the "fall festival" route as well.I never associated Halloween as evil or satanic as a kid or now...I don't know why those who strive to be politically correct have to suck the fun out of everything for those of us who do not share their views. Last halloween ( I am a substitute teacher) I had a child say he was going to pray for me because I was handing out candy to trick or treaters. He was belived that was a sin and Halloween was devil worship....this from the mouth of a first grader!

  8. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that the little girl in the Chick tract is named "Buffy"?

    I know these things have been around for over 40 years (I know because I use to get them in my candy at Halloween), but the irony is a little amusing.

    Don't you think??

  9. Cgristmas and Easter are not, at their core, about the occult. Halloween is. That's why it's different.