Fact or Fiction #7: Cocaine and Cars

Anthony Timpone, longtime editor of Fangoria magazine, said issue 56 is his most regrettable cover in nearly three decades of work. Which cover is he speaking of, you ask? The 1986 Maximum Overdrive issue - the movie with the killer soda machine. It seems Christine wasn't enough for Mr. King, he had to go and do another automotive run amok story.

I know the film has garnered a cult following, but I still call it an absolute train wreck. Stephen King has said he was "coked and drunk out of (his) mind" while directing this thing. As if that weren't bad enough, King was sued for $18 million by the director of photography who was injured by a remote control lawnmower (he lost an eye).

While I'm on the topic of the mid-80's and automotives, I can't resist mentioning the infamous 1985 Plymouth Duster commercial. It earns it's place in the pantheon of retro trash not only for its incredibly manic 80's awfulness, but because it looks like it was filmed in a giant cocaine factory!

Not surprisingly, an urban legend has sprung up that the commercial was literally filmed in a loft used for cocaine production.... in other words, a real cocaine factory. As to the legitimacy of this urban legend, it's pretty much bogus. However, this being the mid-80's, I'm sure there was plenty of cocaine on hand regardless.

(And by the way, that's Finola Hughes singing "Dustah! Dustah!". You may recognize her from her extensive soap opera work, or maybe from Blossom or Stayin' Alive.)


  1. I remember that movie. Yikes! I would watch anything that had Stephen King's name on it. I was even more psyched about this one since he actually did it. Many of these movies were utter trash. There was not much redeeming about them. They weren't even bad in a good cheesy way. This was definitely one of the movies that really left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Keith- I guess it never intended to be Raging Bull or something of quality... and it certainly succeeded.

    My favorite thing about it is King's quote that he was coked and drunk out of his mind while shooting this film... hilarious (and sad).

  3. Yeah, that quote is both hilarious and sad. I guess that's his explanation for the movie.