Horror Movie Hall of Shame

Time to take out the trash.

My last couple posts have been kind of negative. So, I thought I'd compound the negativity with a list of some of the worst elements in the horror movie genre.

Film School Rejects has a great list of the worst horror movie remakes of all time. Not surprisingly, Psycho (1998) starring Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche ranks number one.

BloodyDisgusting.com has some great "worst of" lists including "The 10 Stupidest Motives In Slasher Movie History". Urban Legend: The Final Cut (2000) tops the list. The killer's motive? Oh, his script was passed over.... causing him to erupt into a murderous rampage twenty years later.

The lowest rated horror movie on IMDb is Demonsoul (1995). I've never seen it, and have no plans to. (By the way, the highest rated on IMDb is Psycho)

Karate Party has a list of the 100 worst names for horror movies. The list includes Aerobicide (1986) and The Carpet of Horror (1962). However, I didn't notice Lucio Fulci's Don't Torture a Duckling on there.

The Incredibly Strange Creature: Or Why I stopped Living and Became a Mixed-up Zombie made the top of the list for Retrocrush's worst movie titles.

According to Best-Horror-Movies.com, the worst horror movie ever made is called Robot Monster (1953). Click here for their top 5 list.

The film is a double loser since the costume (a gorilla suit and diving helmet) has also made lists for being the worst monster costume ever.

Entertainment Weekly has a list of 15 nominees for the worst movie dialogue ever. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) made the list with this:
THE SCENE: Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) tearfully breaks up with her boyfriend and heads to her death.
THE LINE: ''I'm gone, like a turkey in the corn. Gobble gobble!''

The worst music in horror movie history would HAVE to be Peter Carpenter doing an awful Tom Jones in Point of Terror (1971). Although, it kind of grows on you in a groovy psychedelic kind of way. I beseech you to watch this clip - it has to be seen to be believed.

The worst horror movie adaptation would be I Am Legend (2007). The movie didn't follow the wonderful Matheson novel at all. Lame and boring from beginning to end.

The worst DVD cover of all time has to be Happy Birthday to Me. They took a great movie poster and VHS cover, featuring the iconic shish-kebab impalement, and replaced it with Photoshop lameness.


  1. Gil

    Of course while there is no denying that these movies are bad movies does not mean that some of them are not worth a a watching. In fact I have seen Robot Monster at least 5 or 6 times.While the film is a bomb it hardly seems so bad as to justify the alleged suicide attempt by director Phil Tucker.

    Of course you would gather fro my site that I am a consumer and purveyor of "bad" cinema. For example I will soon review a fine "bad" movie (in my opinion) starring Arch Hall Jr called The Sadist. I would take it any day over most of the stuff Hollywood is churning out these days with 100 Million Dollar budgets. Exactly why I can say. I just seem to find something fun and nostalgic about them and even their imperfections and obvious flaws make them that much more endearing.

    All stinkers, but I can recommend most of them for a fun time.

  2. Willy- Totally agree that some "bad" cinema can be "good" cinema. The robot gorilla movie was from another site's list - I've never seen it. Can't believe the director tried to off himself for it!

    I love "bad" cinema. I could watch Eegah! again and again... although, the TV is on "mute" when Arch Hall Jr. starts to sing.

    I think big budget Hollywood is as hit or miss as the B-movies. No matter what the budget, it might be great or it might be a dud. Some of the big budget stuff is pretty good - so I wouldn't write it off just because its studio.

  3. I've watched so many bad movies over the years. Some of them I enjoy though, whether it's for laughter, etc. I love a lot of the classic b-movies which were often trash. That doesn't mean I'm a big fan of the bad movies done by Hollywood today. They are just bad without much in the way of redeeming value.

  4. Sure, I agree. I love big budget material. I loved the new Indiana Jones and Ironman and I am not against CGI effects. Of course in a real sense a film like Titanic is better than Fatser Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Better acting, better production, better sound, photography etc etc. I cannot really dispute that. I also feel these big movies are often better than they are given credit for. Seems today the whole mess is around how much is made when the film opens and how much $$$$$ it continues to make. The best movie now seems to be the one that makes the most dough, and when a movie, like Kevin Costner's Waterworld does not rake in mega millions it is a "bomb". Of course it is known that that film lost mega millions, but actually I thought it was a watchable movie, though it is considered a modern day turkey.

    I actually love Hollywood endings and sappy stories that make my eyes moist.I got teary eyes during Babe... the talking pig movie. It is my truly dark side.

  5. I love B-movies and big budget Hollywood movies. CGI doesn't bother me if it's done right. There's nothing worse than sloppy and fake looking CGI. I'm a snob against mainstream Hollywood movies. I enjoy them myself. I do think there's this big deal these days about how much money a movie makes. It's especially a big hoopla over how much it opens with. I've seen movies that made hundreds of millions of dollars that I couldn't stand. While I've seen movies that are bombs, but then I ended up loving them.

  6. Robot Monster is probably the worst movie I've seen. Absolutely nothing redeeming about it. It bothers me when I see lists from time to time proclaiming Plan 9 is the worst. I think 'that movie is incredibly entertaining! Are they forgetting "Robot Monster"?' :p