The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

I hate to repeat the words of an earlier post. I really do. However, I feel it is my duty as caretaker of Retrospace to inform the public of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special at all costs. If that means I have to tell you a hundred times, then so be it. If you don't own this or don't have Netflix shipping it to you, it's time for swift and decisive action. Get it now!

Why am I issuing such a frantic alarm to all Retrospace readers? Let me count the ways:

First and foremost - this is the first television performance of KISS; the band does three songs and awkwardly interacts with Lynde - one of the most surreal and off-putting moments in the history of television. You can see a clip of it here.

Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady) does a rendition of "Ol' Black Magic" to a disco beat in such a way that it simply has to be seen to be believed.

This was literally the first time that Margaret Hamilton donned the Wicked Witch of the West costume since the Wizard of Oz was filmed.

Paul Lynde dresses up as a rhinestone trucker and fights Tim Conway over a scantily clad Pinky Tuscadero. Much thanks to a review on DVD In My Pants for the next two screen caps.

The DVD features an interview with the former host of The Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall. I couldn't believe how frank and revealing he was in the interview. In fact, I thought it was almost comical how blatant he was chronicling Lynde's life, relating one drunken boozing story after another.

It features guest appearances by Donnie & Marie, Betty White and Witchipoo from H. R. Pufnstuf... need I go on?

It's now available on DVD, which is great for all of us who saw it when it originally aired and thought maybe it was just a nightmare or some kind of hallucination brought on by lack of sleep. No, it was real, and now we have proof.

The only thing that I can think of that might be more surreal would be.... well, "The Paul Lynde Show". Seeing Mr. Lynde play a straight family man trips me out.


  1. I must have this.

    I will have this!

  2. Oh my gosh. How did I ever miss that when it first aired?

  3. How I've never seen this I have no idea!?! I've definitely got to get my hands on this. It sounds awesome!

  4. Gil, my brother and I watched this on the original air-date. Not only did we love KISS but we certainly watched our share of Hollywood Squares and Bewitched - when we saw the promo for the show WE TOTALLY made sure to tune in. It was a trip (and yes, a semi- fuzzy memory for me too) until they put the dvd out last year. I was all over it. Take care pal!

  5. charles, dr. monkey, and keith - Glad to spread the word. If I did nothing else in this life, at least I can say I enlightened a few people to the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

    chick- As usual, we seem to share the same section of the Generation X collective consciousness.

  6. I remember running home after trick or treating to watch this! I had no idea it was on disc. Thank you.

  7. Wow..! Love the Paul Lynde Halloween special.

  8. And to think I didn't know who he was. In fact, the only reason I'm familiar with him in any way os through an album I loved as a kid- A Rich Little Christmas where Lynde is to do service as Bob Cratchet.
    Some scenes can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cE5b3MQftE&feature=related