Whatever Happened To? #5: Horror Edition Part 1

Sticking with the Halloween theme, I thought I'd look at what a few notable names in the horror movie biz are up to.

Eva Bartok starred in numerous films, notably Mario Bava's classic Blood and Black Lace. This Hungarian actress' life is so fascinating that it deserves a book, rather than just a blurb on a blog. Of particular interest was her longtime devotion to an obscure religious sect called Subud, a spiritual association that evolved around Indonesian mystic Mohammed Subuth. She claims the sect cured her of a tumor and led her to spiritual fulfilment. Much of her life was spent teaching, writing and evangelizing the Subud faith.

Bartok faded into obscurity by the late seventies, but her name resurfaced in 1998 with a claim that her daughter was fathered by none other than Frank Sinatra. Allegedly, fresh from a separation from Ava Gardner, Sinatra had a fling with Bartok. A detailed biography of Bartok can be found here.

Herschell Gordon Lewis was a master of exploitation and gore. His low budget films like Wizard of Gore and Blood Feast have become cult classics, and he has served as an influence to legions of filmmakers. However, Lewis has made a name for himself in a field far removed from his B-grade gorefests. He is a successful direct marketing consultant with dozens of books and articles to his credit. Nowadays he gets payed big bucks to provide companies with consultation on direct market advertising (go to his website here). See an example of one of his marketing books on Amazon here. What a far cry from Color Me Blood Red!

Camille Keaton starred several European horror/giallo films including What Have You Done to Solange? (Cosa avete fatto a Solange?) but it is primarily her role in I Spit on Your Grave (1978) that she is remembered. In the film she plays a woman who is repeatedly brutally assaulted then enacts a bloody revenge. The movie deservedly inspired a lot of attention, much of it negative. Roger Ebert was stricken with disgust calling it "a bag of garbage" and the movie attracts disdain to this day.

Keaton is the grand-niece of Buster Keaton. She began as an Amtrak hostess before acting, a career she pursued through the nineties. In 1993 she married Sidney Luft, a famous Hollywood producer who had been married to Judy Garland! Luft, 35 years her senior, died in 2005, but I'm sure Keaton is doing just fine making do on Luft's immense fortune.

A. Michael Baldwin was the 13 year old boy in Phantasm. He's the son of Gerald Baldwin, who was an animator for The Jetsons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Flintstones Christmas and other cartoons. Baldwin delved heavily into Easter mysticism and is the writer and producer of Vice Girls (I'm smirking as I type this). See it here at Amazon.

Teri McMinn starred in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the girl that gets hung on a meat hook). After the movie, she went on to become a leg and foot model. See her leg advertising and other biographical stuff on her website here. It seems she's making a living these days appearing at various conventions.

For an answer to "Whatever Happened To?" horror actresses Dawn Richard (I Was a Teenage Werewolf), Tura Satana (Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) and Yutte Stensgaard (Lust for a Vampire) see an earlier post.


  1. Hello,
    thank you for writing about Éva Bartók! I'm glad to hear those appraising critics about a compatriot of mine!

    Mina Jade
    from Hungary

  2. That was really cool. It's interesting to see whatever happened to people. You might seen them in a couple of films. Then it's like they disappear. When I watch movies, I'm all the time looking people up on the internet to see whatever became of them.

  3. Mina- Your quite welcome! Eva led quite the interesting life.... I wonder if that love child is ol' blue eyes'.

    Keith- I find it interesting becaues it's real life - and often stranger than anything you could make up. The fact that a famous Hollywood producer married Judy Garland and then married the chick from I Spit On Your Grave blows my mind. That H.G.Lewis is an internationally recognized and published direct mail expert rocks my world. That the boy from Phantasm wrote and produced Vice Girls freaks me out.... I'm easily startled.

  4. I am planning a H.G. Lewis post soon, along with other movie and music personalities. I want to begin a new category soon on old actors and musicians. I have dabbled in it a bit and want to continue that theme regularly, and Lewis was gonna be one of my 1st, along with William Castle and Roger Corman, as film makers.

    I checked your site on IE and it looks okay, but on Mozilla there is still the matter of some images slipping under the sidebar, at least on my computer.

    As you know I obsess too over this stuff and eventually have to compromise. I do not know why blogs look different in different browsers. Mine sometimes will all but vanish in IE due to little issues, as you once pointed out to me.

    Not the worst problem I suppose. relax for now.

  5. I love that Teri McMinn became a foot and leg model! The last time I saw TCM, as Leatherface grabbed her off the porch and her flip flops went flying, I absent-mindedly thought, "Oh, she's got cute feet." How weird, and, apparently, appropos.

  6. BRILLIANT blog! Keep up the great work!!