A Few Things Before Thanksgiving...

Don't really have a lot of time to post, but had these images lying around and thought I'd share them before the Thanksgiving frenzy begins tomorrow. I'm always enamoured with vintage ads, comics and so forth that display carefree offensiveness. The Gay comic above is disturbing on several levels. And there's nothing like a good ol' sexist ad like the one below (via Found in Mom's Basement)

On an entirely unrelated note, I just reread the incredible graphic novel Maus, and was just told that the author, Art Spiegelman, was the mastermind behind the incredibly popular stickers in the 1970's called Wacky Packages. Are you kidding me?!

This came as quite a shock. Wacky Packages were omnipresent in the '70s - everyone had some. To think - these were by the same guy behind Maus. Wow. This information took a while for me to process. It was like being told Schoolhouse Rock was created by Stephen Hawking.

So, let me make myself clear: The same guy who did a Pulitzer Prize winning novel did this:

You can check out every Wacky Packages ever made here. At least the Internet is good for something.


  1. I remember in the 2nd series of Wackys, Run Tony Shells was nigh impossible to get. (It was also the cause of a neighborhood feud)I still have a few, and my 11 year old son loves them.

  2. Floyd- Yeah, unless you were a kid back then, you wouldn't understand how popular those Wackys were. For a few years they actually outsold baseball cards!

    I wish I still had a few. Like so many things, they went in the trash or sold in a yard sale. I'm still in mourning over the loss of my entire comic book collection... I get choked up just thinking about it.

  3. I must have been a little too young for these or they just weren't around here because I don't remember. That's still neat that they were done by an award winning novelist. I think we are often surprised by the various credits of esteemed artists. I just got home from Thanksgiving dinner and I'm stuffed. I think I'm about ready for bed. :-)