The negative campaigning is over...

... and we can get back to the business at hand. And believe me, there's a lot to do. There's an economy that has taken a scary downturn, wars abroad, diminishing international support, an astronomical national debt, five hundred billion dollars owed to China, politicians have become money grubbing partisan hacks, and the country is horribly polarized. Our president has the lowest approval rating since they very first started using polls in the US!

So, I'm hopeful that Obama may just be able to reestablish that sense of American optimism and national pride that has been woefully losing ground over the past few decades. Let's hope that, no matter your political affiliation, the country can unite behind him..... just like the old days.


  1. I do hope that this country can unite. We've got a lot of problems. Whether one is liberal, conservative, or moderate, we all need to join together to fix the problems that our nation faces.

  2. Keith- Well put. January 09 will be an interesting month.

  3. And now we see what 'hope and change' bought us.