Important Things to Know

What is the Worst Comic Book Sound Effect Ever?

If I have to explain why this one's bad, then it's best you just don't ask.

What Was the Last 8 Track Ever Made?
'Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits', released by Warner Brothers in 1988, was the last 8-track tape produced by a major company.

What Is the Most Offensive Trading Card Ever Made?

This one's dealt with in a previous post; read more about it there. Suffice it to say that C-3P0 is sporting an enormous erection.... I'll leave it at that.

Is Mikey Still Alive?

The combination of 6 packages of Pop Rocks and 6 Coca-Colas didn't prove lethal. John Gilchrist recovered and is a successful accounts manager at a New York radio station.

What is the Most Unsettling Comic Book Cover Ever?

Am I just so jaded and cynical that I can't imagine how editors could be so naive and allow this one to slip by? How could they possibly not see the disturbing connotation? Or, perhaps, they were just having a little underhanded fun.

More bad comic book covers can be found here and here.
Of course, when it comes to sheer awfulness, I'm partial to just about any Lois Lane comic book cover. Here is a shockingly bad example taken from a previous post .

What Is the Most Phallic Looking Snack Ever Made?

A big tip of the hat to Arthur Ignatowski for this one. This one's gonna keep me awake tonight for sure... it's not so bad when you view the enlarged image, but from a distance - the horror!

and finally... What Is the Largest Shirt Collar Ever Made?
Good Lord! Between the gargantuan collar and the puffy sleeves, a slight tailwind and this man could be airborne!


  1. I always get a kick out of that C-3PO card. Maybe he should have had a career in robot porn.

  2. Hi! Love your blog - in fact, if I had a blog site (which I do, tho it's mainly just a gallery site of my illustration & comic work: http://www.lorenzone.blogspot.com/)...er...where was I? Oh yes, if I had a blog site, I would want it to be just like yours - lol! Totally agreed with your piece on the greatness of vinyl vs digital music too btw, and have enjoyed all the funny comic stuff and cheesy old ads. Plus I've found other great blog sites thanx to your links & friends. Keep up the truly excellent work! Peace

  3. Keith- Ah yes, the much cherished C3P0 erection card - the Mickey Mantle rookie card's got nothing on this one.

    Lorenzo- Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear there's another vinyl supporter out there.