On Vacation

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I certainly ate more than my share of turkey, sides and desserts. In fact, you could say I transcended the "Comfortably Satisfied" stage and entered into the "Gluttonous Alabama Swamp Sow" stage.

Anyway, I will be on a much needed vacation for the next full week. As much as I will miss posting on retrospace, a pastime that I find immensely rewarding for reasons yet to be determined, the vacation will be a glorious retreat from my Monday-Friday 8-5 life in cubicle hell.

By next Sunday I should be back in this seat posting on such important topics as Sigmund the Sea Monster, funk music album covers, and the guy who played Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man. It's a hard job that carries with it a lot of responsibility... but I'm up to the challenge. Talk to you in a week!

- Gilligan


  1. Gil

    Have a good holiday. We teachers here had a little thanksgiving day feast of sorts at another guy's place, and we all contributed something. There were Chinese nationals as well of course and they brought stuff... like traditional Thanksgiving day pizza and tofu soup.

    I am back to normal posting as well after a new period of issues. I had to reformat my C-drive and so far so good. Your site does not crash my Mozilla like it used to every time before (along with a a few more)... I assume I picked up a bug from one of my Firefox add-ons and could never get rid of it.

    My precious numbers show my absence as they dropped from over 200 a day to 130 to 35 rapidly. No shortage of material so time to get typing.

    Take care and see you soon

    Bill in China

  2. Hey Gilligan. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I did as well. We all gathered at my grandmother's. Nobody I know cooks quite like her. I definitely ate way too much. That's what the day is for.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation time. I took a break from my blog for Thanksgiving. I'm back on Monday. It was nice to have a few days off from work and blogging. Of course, I do really enjoying blogging though.

    Have a great time. Rest and relax. Have some fun. Cheers!

  3. Bill - Well I'm back after a week in Orlando. You mentioned a decline in your blog visitor numbers... mine actually went up slightly in my absence. Go figure. Maybe I should just stay away.

    Keith- Well, my vacation was fantastic. The highlight - "Mission Space" at Epcot...incredible. The low point was getting stuck in the Florida - Florida State football game gridlock between Gainesville and Tallahasse - coupled with Thanksgiving traffic and an ungodly monsoon, the drive to Disney was a living hell.

    At least I have the weekend to enjoy till it's back to the grind!