Robots Are Making Love to Our Women

Well, they haven't yet. But if comics, magazines, TV and movies are any indication, it's just a matter of time before these metallic Romeos start moving in on the ladies big time.

The C-3P0 erection trading card controversy mentioned in my last post got my mind traveling down a paralyzingly disturbing road... that of robots getting to "know" us humans. Don't laugh, there's examples a plenty.

An awesome post at the Topless Robot called the The 10 Most Insane, Child-Warping Moments of '80s Cartoons features an example of disturbing robot-love. "The most screwed-up moment in Transformers cartoon history comes when the burbling-voiced Seaspray commits several crimes against nature"... Seaspray gets romantic with a mermaid!

Of course, Transformer-mermaid lovemaking pales in comparison to the sexual encounter alluded to in this Superman comic from yesteryear. Lois won't dare tell Superman why she can't even sit down after a hot night with a robot!

If you could travel a thousand years into the future, when robots have inevitably enslaved the human race, you would find robot porn magazines that bear a striking resemblance to the Forbidden Planet promotional photos. Look at how Robbie the Robo-Perv puts on her shoes and combs her hair.

Foganozos has a great post on retro robots and ladies. This next one from an amazing collection at Dark Roasted Blend.

Let a lesson be learned from Gog, however. The lovely young lady is sure impressed by Gog's typing prowess (show off!), but it won't be long before Gog becomes a murderous "Frankenstein of Steel" as the poster proclaims.

The best example perhaps of the peril of falling in love with robots may be the case of Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Many will remember the popular series of comic books in the 80's chronicling the love affair between these two lovebirds. The two were married and had twin sons, who turned out to be not real (not surprising, considering he's a robot!). The realization sent Scarlet Witch into a breakdown.

Then there's the case of gynoids.... no, it's not a venereal disease for robots, it's actually the term for a female robot (in contrast, an android is a robot designed to look like a man). Sometimes, you almost can't blame the poor humanoids guys for falling for these sexy robo-chicks. Here's just a few examples:

The Fembots - The word "fembot" was coined by writer Arthur Rowe for a 1976 episode of "The Bionic Woman" entitled "Kill Oscar." The term was then used in the original Austin Powers movie. Elizabeth Hurley also proved to be a robot in part 2.

Pamela Gidley in Cherry 2000
Sean Young from Blade Runner
Kristanna Loken from Terminator 3
Dorothy Stratten in Galaxina
and let's not forget all those Stepford Wives.

Feminist science-fiction writer Amy Thomson, author of Virtual Girl, suggests that the fembot myth is attractive to men because it deals with a woman you create and control.

It may be true, I don't know. All I know is that this whole thing is starting to make me curious why George Jetson put Rosie in a French maid outfit. Yuck!

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  1. Like I mentioned earlier, C-3PO could have a career in robot porn. You know when a day comes that robots are very prevalent (whether they've taken over the world at that point or not) there's going to be porn with them. There's gonna be a market for it, you just know there will be. There does seem to be this fascination through the years about robots and humans getting it on. I always loved the fembots. I think I might have dated a couple of them.

  2. I don't know if a guy making it "all the way" with a robot would be the same as a woman. it would have to be a cyborg at lest.

    i actually used the amazing adventure cover for a lesson one time, a story telling exercise. i don't do those cover much anymore, i was freaking out my chinese students.

    i did do a keith and have a 3rd blog!!! it is


    it started off with me just wanting to practice changing html and before i knew it was setting up a blog!!!!! it will be a simpler approach than my main site. i am still stuck on that Jimmy Page essay and refuse to make another post until it is done. on this site i may just kick back and do short little posts and focus on newer things, or things i just watched. in any case, check out what i did with the HTML... looks cool i think

  3. Keith - Thanks for dropping by. Man, am I going for a microscopically small corner of the Internet or what? Robots making sweet love to humans.... I need to steady the course here at retrospace. Thanks for hangin' in there.

    Willy- I've commented on your new blog and think it will be another great addition to the uranium cafe universe. Don't spread yourself too thin, though.... I don't want to see "Second Cousin of the Uranium Cafe" in the next few months.:-)

  4. You for got the "Pleasure Units" from "West World" and "Future World."

    DO you also happen to know which Superman comic that Lois Lane story is from??

    1. It's from Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane No. 14 "Three Nights in the Fortress of Solitude" where it turns out Superman was using his X-ray vision to have one of his robots put Lois over it's knee for a spanking in her nightgown as fan service to all the letters requesting it. Lois also spanked a Supergirl robot and married a robot named Astounding Man. Otto Binder who wrote most of the stories was big on kinky robot romance.

  5. There was also the Twilight Zone episode called : " The Lonely " with Jack Warden and Jean Marsh !!