Slim Goodbody Still Haunts Me

Everyone knows the authority on 1970's childhood trauma is Kindertrauma, but I just wanted to come clean on something that disturbed the hell out of me as a kid.

That "something" was none other than Slim Goodbody.
Kindertrauma has an excellent post on this revolting character. No offense to Slim, I'm sure he had the best of intentions educating children, but that skin tight unitard is an image permanently emblazoned upon my retina.

I can remember munching on my Alphabits in my footy pajamas watching Captain Kangaroo only to have Goodbody's genitals thrust in my face. "Form fitting" just doesn't come close to describing exactly how tight his outfit was. Every nook and cranny was laid bare on network television, somehow in the name of teaching health.
Okay, so maybe an ultra-tight unitard is not something that sounds particularly alarming to you. What if I told you it was painted with realistic veins, tendons, and organs? It was like having pre-schoolers watch a Lucio Fulci movie. At least the heart was not throbbing and bowels were still safely in the abdominal cavity. But you don't have to trust me - Kindertrauma calls his picture "the most repulsive image ever posted on Kindertrauma". That's quite a claim.

“The Adventures of Slim Goodbody in Nutri-City” was a weekly feature on Captain Kangaroo. I think these must have run during the early '80s, because I don't remember it - I only recall his guest appearances on the show. I would love to know what Mr. Green Jeans thought of Slim - I'm guessing he was a bit repulsed.

Slim even had an album released in the 70's where he proudly and provocatively displayed his wildly inappropriate attire. It evidently contained a full color poster - how'd you like to have that hanging on your wall? The horror.

Apparently, Goodbody is still carousing around the country traumatizing another generation of children. According to MSNBC:

"Slim Goodbody has tweaked his appearance and his routine to keep in tune with the times. He swapped his afro for a mullet, which he in turn abandoned in favor of a more conventional hair style. And he has added rap to his repertoire."

In a way, I feel guilty for voicing my trauma. After all, Slim is doing a public service by cutting down on childhood obesity and enlightening kids on health issues. However, I'd be dishonest if I didn't tell you his outfit is an unspeakable evil that still haunts a generation.


  1. Hey Gilligan. I know he was always doing a good thing, but he creeped me out. I always thought he was a dork. None of my friends liked him. We would all pick on him. I hadn't thought about him for years. Thanks for bringing that image back into my head. I'll probably have nightmares now. lol Cheers! Keith

  2. Keith - What if, instead of Slim, it was "Sharon" Goodbody and the person in the form fitting unitard was a woman? Something tells me it would still have been memorable and kept boys awake at night.... although, for different reasons entirely.

  3. Hey Gilligan. LOL So true. I do wish it would have been a Sharon Goodbody. Wow. That would have definitely given me something to think about. ;-)

  4. This guy's outfil scared the hell out of me as a kid. We were always forced to watch it in PE when I was a kid and I hated every minute of its rediculousness.

    1. he still creeps me out- worse than naked, not even wearing SKIN...
      and the hint of his junk flopping around under that unitard, how this guy never got arrested, i still dunno...