Whatever Happened To? #6: Player and The Runaways

Recognize this guy? He had a pretty successful music career in the 1970's (which I'll get to later), but unless you're a soap opera fan, he probably looks familiar but you can't put a name to the face. Let me give you a glimpse at his post-music career and see if that jogs your memory.

He's been on "Bold and the Beautiful" since 1987 as Ridge Forrester. He's appeared in a few films that experienced moderate success like Hot Child in the City and made numerous TV appearances on shows like "Trapper John M.D." and "Family Feud".

I remember him from Hard Ticket to Hawaii, a sort of T&A flick that often caught my eye at the video store in the late eighties. I remember, in the film, he kills an armed guard with a Frisbee lined with razor blades. He also blows away a skateboarder in mid-air with a rocket launcher and then a blow-up sex doll for the hell of it.

But what did he do before he became soap star and B-movie actor? Ah, yes... my main man Ronn Moss was a member of (drum roll, please) Player! That's right, Ronn played bass and sang with the band that recorded "Baby Come Back"! In the video clip below, he's the one in the red outfit.

Speaking of 70's band members that went on to successful careers, a group which comes instantly to mind is the Runaways. You'd be hard pressed to find a band whose members' post-break up careers were so successful and varied.

Use the picture above to put a face to the names listed below. Or go here to see a very early Runaways video clip where each band member introduces herself.

Lita Ford: If you remember the hair bands of the 80's, then you remember Lita. She had a very successful career as a solo artist and even recorded a couple duets with Ozzy Osbourne (Sharon Osbourne was her manager).

Joan Jett: I don't need to tell you about Joan's post-Runaways career. Huge hits like "I Love Rock and Roll" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and a starring role in Light of Day with Michael J. Fox made her a household name in the 1980's

Jackie Fox: This bassist went to Harvard and became a lawyer!

Sandy West: Sadly, the band's drummer died of lung cancer in 2006. In a documentary of the band, Sandy is seen crying because other bands were reuniting and getting paid big bucks; meanwhile, the Runaways weren't reuniting and she was struggling financially. I feel sorry for poor Sandy.

Cherie Curry: Cherie starred alongside Jodie Foster in Foxes and had a role in Twilight Zone: The Movie and is apparently really into chainsaw carving (see an example of her work here). She's married to Robert Hayes - the pilot who was afraid to fly in the movie Airplane. The absolute best photos of Cherie (or the Runaways for that matter) can be found here.

Micki Steele: She was the bassist before Jackie Fox. Do you recognize her in the picture below (she's on the left)? That's right, she went on to become a member of the Bangles. As a member of the Bangles, many will remember she was the one often sporting the deep red hair.

Go here to see a YouTube clip of the band playing Cherry Bomb. The video quality isn't the best, but, man, those girls rocked the house.

For some reason the picture below amuses me. It's a photo of the Runaways with the band Rush. Was this a date of some kind? What could Geddy Lee possibly have to say to Lita, Joan or Cherie? He certainly doesn't look like he's having a great time. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall by that table.

Oh, and one last thing. The Runaways have a message for you before you go...


  1. I watched soaps a lot back in the 80's and 90's. I remember Ronn Moss from B&B. I was shocked when I first saw that he had been in a band.

    I had a huge crush on Lita Ford back in the 90's.

  2. Great pics of Cheri Currie, I liek the one with Robert Plant and I remember that picture even when it first came out,probably in Circus magazine or maybe Hit Parader.

  3. Keith and Willy- Thanks once again to both of you guys for your comments. The Dino Lounge and The Uranium Cafe are among the best blogs out there, so your feedback is high praise indeed!

    I agree, that the Robert Plant pic is great... I love those old magazine photos. If only I could have all my old CREEM magazines back, all would be right with the world.