Ads #8

Hey Timmy, your 44 inch Christmas stocking sure is impressive. But before you get all worked up about it, check what's inside: a single Santa boot, a hideous mask, and what looks to be a plastic green lobster. To add insult to injury, only an ounce more candy than the smaller size.... A hard lesson was learned that Christmas morn'.

Also from the same 1975 Sears Christmas catalog...

Let's play a game: Which of these CHILDREN'S hats does not belong?

I guess it just wasn't a big deal back in the day to get your little boy a Budweiser hat. Of course, the fine print says you can't buy it if you live in Alabama or Virginia (which is sort of ironic considering those are two states you'd think a Bud hat would be in great demand).


  1. I am guessing those tacky 'stockings' were the brainchild of someone who worked at the Crappy Easter Basket Company as a way to cash in on yet another holiday?

  2. I remember wearing a Coors t-shirt to kindergarten, and we did not even live in a trailer park! Things were a bit different in the '70s.

  3. Those stockings were a total rip-off, as all pre-packed things were (and still are, most times).

    I too remember having beer-themed clothing as a kid and not even thinking twice about it. I think it was just another recognizable logo (like Coke) that they put on stuff, and kids bought it.

  4. Well, adults bought it for kids...

  5. That stocking is big enough for that kid to get into. lol

    My parents would never let us wear beer themed clothes. The church they went to believed alcohol was a sin. You had other kids at school, both secular and religious, who wore beer hats, t-shirts, you name it.

  6. I cannot even begin to imagine Sears or JC Penny selling Budweiser hats to kids today... it was a different world.

    I'm still hung up on the fact that the Mega-stocking contains a lone plastic boot.