Vintage Style #1

Can you guess which model has suddenly realized he's made a horrible mistake?

"Dear God, what have I done?" he thought as it dawned on him that posing in grape His 'n' Hers vests and slacks was a colossal error in judgment. Sadly, it was just a few seconds too late.

Imagine the pleasure of receiving a Mork watch for Christmas in 1979. Then imagine that pleasure slowly turning to grief as you read the words on the watch face. Mork said "Nanoo, nanoo" not "Na-no, na-no" dammit!

Considering the fact that they didn't even take the time to draw his fingers correctly, I guess it should be no surprise they didn't proofread their work either.


  1. I always love seeing products that have some sort of mistake on them. Whether it's the spelling, the image, etc., it's always cool to see what goof was made.

  2. Keith- Me too. My favorite baseball cards were often the ones with some weird defect; give me a Mario Soto with a misprint over a flawless George Brett any day.

  3. I hope you tackle the nefarious leisure suits that were rampant during the mid seventies. nothing was ever so atrocious yet pervasive. All the teachers then wore them and they were always of the most garish colors. And that starched dagger pointed collar was always on the outside. God.

  4. These old cartoons of Mork always make him look like a woman. I think it's the poofy hair. Must've been inspiration for his later role in Mrs. Doubtfire.

  5. Sweet Jesus, I owned that watch!

  6. I don't get it, are you saying that there is something wrong with dressing in an outfit that is a sweater from head to toe? for guys? :)

    Alright, I admit that that the plum color was not the best choice.