Christmas on TV

Bewitched: "Sisters at Heart" (1970)
Tabitha and a visiting friend of hers (who is black) wish they could be real-life sisters, so Tabitha wishes black polka-dots on herself, and white polka-dots on her friend. After everything gets cleared up, Samantha explains to Tabitha that they don't have to be the same color in order to be sisters. Note: This episode has been noted to be Elizabeth Montgomery's all-time favorite.

Happy Days: "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" (1974)
Hey, who's that trimming the tree behind Mrs. C? That's the eldest Cunningham boy, Chuck played by Gavan O'Herlihy. He was written off the show in the second season. In this episode, the gang are looking forward to spending Christmas with their families, but Richie discovers that Fonzie will be spending his all alone. He convinces his father to invite the Fonz for Christmas, but will they be able to persuade proud Fonzie to accept the invitation?

Family Affair: "Christmas Came a Little Early" (1968)
The show takes a serious turn in this episode featuring future Brady Bunch costar Eve Plumb as Eve Bowers, a seriously ill classmate of six-year-old Buffy (Anissa Jones). In her typically naïve, well-meaning fashion, Buffy falsely raises Eve's hopes by claiming that her Uncle Bill (Brian Keith) will be able to find a doctor who can cure the girl. Ultimately resigned to the sad truth, Bill arranges for Eve to have the best "Early Christmas" party ever...knowing full well that she will probably not make it until Christmas.

Leave It to Beaver: "The Haircut"
This is the only episode related to a holiday (Christmas) in the entire series. In one scene, June sews Beaver's angel costume and, in the finale, Beaver sings a Christmas carol in a choir of angels at a school concert.

Barney Miller: "Christmas Story" (1976)
Fish goes undercover to catch a mugger who's targeting Santas. Wojo doesn't know how to tell Yemana that his Christmas Eve date is a call girl. Luger fishes for an Christmas Day invitation from Barney

Three's Company: "Three's Chirstmas" (1977)
After the roommates are not invited to a big Christmas party, they decide to go to a get together at the Ropers place.

The Brady Bunch: "The Voice of Christmas" (1969)
Just in time for the holidays, Carol develops laryngitis and may not be able to sing at Christmas services, prompting Cindy to ask a department store Santa for a miracle. Meanwhile, the older siblings decide that, given Carol's illness, Christmas should be postponed until she gets well, leading Alice to teach them the true meaning of Christmas.

Eight Is Enough: "Yes, Nicholas, There is a Santa Claus"
Christmas is temporarily put on hold in the Bradford house when the family's presents are stolen.... a two-part episode!

Note: synopses taken from Wikipedia and IMdB


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  2. I saw many of these. I always loved Christmas episodes of my favorite shows. They always had some neat theme in them. Shows today just don't have those classic Christmas episodes quite like these.

  3. Keith - This is one of the posts that I could have gone on, and on, and on, and on with but had to exercise a little restraint to cut it short. There's been so many great Christmas episodes, it was hard not to include the Dick Van Dyke and The Dukes (the animated Dukes of Hazzard) holiday specials. One thing I learned while doing this post was that there was no real Christmas episode (or any holiday for that matter) on Leave it to Beaver... I found that kinda strange.

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    i like post too and like many great Christmas episodes

  5. Spent time with these families almost as much as my own! Thanks for posting.

    Merry Christmas!

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  7. "Sisters At Heart" was developed by a Los Angeles high school English class, under the guidance of the writing team of Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday (who would go on to create CAGNEY & LACEY)