Dressed for Christmas

I'm much too tired to post on anything remotely meaningful, so here's a bunch of women from yesteryear in Santa costumes.

The Ed Sullivan Show Dancers showing us their gams in their Santa outfits

Erin Grey as Milf Claus in a "Silver Spoons" publicity shot for the ridiculous episode "The Best Christmas Ever". The Strattons learned a valuable life-lesson in this very special episode (yuck), but I don't remember Erin Grey wearing this Santa costume. Well, at least Menudo or Mr. T weren't in this one.

Elizabeth Montgomery as Miss Santa before her Bewitched days. Is she pointing to the dog? I'm not sure I get the premise.

Vera Ellen in Santa costume
An actress and talented dancer, Vera appeared in musicals during the 40s and 50s but was cut short by the debilitating effects an eating disorder. By 1954, in White Christmas, her costumes had to be designed to cover her neck, which was aged beyond her years. (source)

Vicky Becker (1946)
I'm not real sure who Mrs. Becker is. An extensive search (i.e. two minutes on Wikipedia) proved fruitless.

As was the case for many, many easy listening albums of this era, a mini skirted model was slapped on the cover to boost record sales... and it worked. You sure won't find Raymond Lefevre on the cover of his album. Instead we get a nameless model in a Santa miniskirt and we're glad Raymond stayed off camera. (image source)

Go here to see Charo's Christmas album ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus? ; I won't post the picture here - her Santa outfit is probably too hot for this tame little blog. Suffice it to say, Charo never wore this on the Love Boat.

Possibly the best place on the web to download old records is Ernie (Not Bert). When Ernie says "Trust me, you're going to be happy when you hear this. This is maybe the most amazing Christmas album ever. I can't say enough about it." I stand up and take note. (source)

Jackie Gleason released some steamy lounge records back in the day. Mostly sultry instrumentals with that Tiki flavor perfect for the bachelor pad. I don't know anything about this record, except it's pretty rare and this is the best cover scan out there. Listen to the album here

This Ms. Claus cover is recycled from an earlier post. "By 1980, disco was pretty much dead. Apparently the Mistletoe Disco Band didn't get the memo. Enjoy the sounds of Christmas Disco here."

"Personally, I'm willing to close my eyes to Reverend Thornton's methods- after all, the basket fund has already doubled last year's record."
(1939) Esquire magazine (E. Simms Campbell)


  1. I love all these pictures. You never really think there's any sexy about a holiday like Christmas until you pop a girl in a skimpy Santa-style outfit. Wow! Great shots.

  2. Keith- Thanks, but it's nothing more than lifting images from other's. Santa told me that I will have a new scanner on Dec. 25th so I hope to be contributing my own scans shortly (which is still lifting from others, but why get technical about it?)

    I love the images at Sugar and Spice and your Dino site. You have some great shots yourself!

  3. I like the Elizabeth Montgomery Santa suit and Jackie Gleason album cover. Sexy but innocent too.

  4. Who knew Jackie Gleason was so hot? That is a long way from Sheriff Buford T. Justice! :-D

    Gleason knew what he was doing. "Who wants to see me on an album? Find some hot dame and put her in a Santa jacket."

  5. Wow - That shot of Elizabeth Montgomery! Jinkies!

  6. My folks had the Jackie Gleason album and we played it all the time. It wasn't until many years later that I found out that Jackie wasn't a woman and that wasn't her on the cover.