Favorite Christmas Albums

As many of you know I'm a big fan of the LP cover, and the more tawdry, kitschy, and excessively garish the better. Here's a few of my favorite holiday album covers.

This next one was found at the glorious LP Cover Lover. I believe this is a Dutch album. So, I guess in Amsterdam shopping malls you get Santa flanked by two adults in black face.

It really bothered me that I couldn't figure out who these two mildly imposing creatures were, and why would Santa be associated with such a crew. Apparently they represent "Black Pete"; Moorish boys who were sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit, but were saved by the bishop Sinterklaas. For their gratitude, they help Santa deliver presents. Mystery solved.

This next one features the Christmas classics: "Light Up the Tree, Mr. President" and "The Prisoner of Christmas Island." Peter Pan Records were much cherished in my childhood, until I grew up and moved on to K-Tel.

The absolute best site hands down to enjoy some retro Christmas album covers (with audio) is A Christmas Yuleblog. This next album wins the prize for best Christmas album title. And yes, that's Luther Vandross on piano.

By 1980, disco was pretty much dead. Apparently the Mistletoe Disco Band didn't get the memo. Enjoy the sounds of Christmas Disco here.

This next one, a personal fave from Bizarre Records. The tracks include "The Kris Kringle Caper" and "The Elves Revolt".

More Christmas album posts sure to come.


  1. A Jim Nabors Christmas......Shazam! Great stuff.

  2. These are awesome! I'm also a fan of odd album covers, also just album covers from the 60's in general. Great finds!

  3. Chris - I was interested to learn that Nabors has been enjoying his Christmases Hawaiian style the past couple decades as a successful and prosperous Macadamia nut plantation owner. Double Shazam!

    Reverend- On more than one occasion on retrospace I have launched into long, cantankerous monologues on the greatness of the LP and the crappiness that is digital music. Viva Vinyl!

  4. Those are so awesome. I loved them all. I actually think my grandmother had the Jim Nabors one. I love old album covers. They are some of the coolest retro gems out there. Cheers!

  5. If I could be so bold as to plug our new Christmas album consisting of 17 original songs from lots of new indie bands from all over the world including the Cloud Room, Idaho, Jape and the Very Most. http://www.indiecater.com is where you can listen to it all. We think it’s great but then we are biased and obsessed with Christmas.