Christmas Ephemera

Here's some Christmas odds and ends I found lying around retrospace. Enjoy!

A big thanks to Bully Comics for this Baadassss Christmas panel.

My Two Yen Worth has a short but good collection of "Bad Santa" covers.

A big holiday thanks to Disco Delivery for bringing to light a Christmas disco album that I've never seen before. How great is this album cover? The album credits note " this album took six months of work and more than 400 hours of studio time", and it was by the same guy that brought you "Disco Dracula"(1977).

Jon's Random Acts of Geekery has one of the best Christmas comic book cover collections I've seen. I'd like to actually have a look at this Batman comic to see exactly how the Dark Knight is going to pass as Santa with that fake beard.

Seasons greetings you big dummy!


  1. trying to reach you for an interview on the ephemera blog...leave me a comment on my blog so I can send you a message...or email me directly.

  2. Marty - I have sent you an email. Hopefully I can be of some assistance in answering any questions you may have. I am a font of useless antiquated knowledge, and only too happy to oblige.

  3. Very cool post. Definitely see Santa in a different light. I really dig Redd Foxx in the Santa suit.

  4. Thanks, Keith. Nothing says the holidays quite like Fred Sanford in a Santa suit.