Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Retrospace screen cap from a July 2008 post.

Retrospace was born in June 2008 on a whim - I honestly thought I'd play with blogging for a few days then quit. Well, that soon turned into a daily routine which I have enjoyed immensely. There's simply nothing better than ending each day looking back on the glory days of the '60s and '70s, and being able to share my nostalgia with others of similar interest. In the beginning, I felt I was largely talking to myself (and with just a few readers, I basically was), but I enjoyed it so much it didn't matter. Now, a mere six months later, hundreds hop on retrospace every day, and I say the more the merrier.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working on retrospace has been learning new things, and then sharing that information. I'm sure you've noticed that I like to uncover some of the hidden, long forgotten niches of the pop culture landscape. Bill at The Uranium Cafe once gave a great comment that really sums up what I strive for: "You seem to continually pull a theme out of the air and then give a quick but informative write up. This post really wolloped me." While exploring these roads less traveled, I've discovered some interesting bits of pop history. Here's a few examples of odd things highlighted in '08:

Shirley MacLaine's daughter was the creepy kid on the cover of The Exorcist book. here
Jamie Gertz was in a Dungeons & Dragons commercial. here
Wesley from Land of the Lost is the man behind the children's cartoon Dragon Tales. here
Daryl Hall was into satanism big time (here) and so was Sammy Davis, Jr. here
Juan Epstein from "Welcome Back, Kotter" is indirectly linked to NASA space travel devices invented by the kid who was basis for The Exorcist. here
Jimmy Walker is related to Tootie through marriage. here
Kenny Rogers was a psychedelic pop star (here) and so was Mrs. Kotter. here
The Scooby-Doo template was copied a startling number of times on Saturday mornings. here
Musicians got extremely hairy in the late sixties and seventies, to where they are almost unrecognizable (here) ... and so on, and so on...

In the upcoming year there's just a few things I'd like to see here at retrospace.

1. I just got a new scanner for Christmas and so I'd like to start putting up scans from my old magazines, comics, etc. I recently tried it with my Dynamite magazine post, and had a lot of fun doing it.

2. More DVD reviews (movies and television). Many of you may have noticed with my recent Land of the Lost, Captain & Tennille, The Secrets of Isis and The Silencers posts that I've gotten carried away with capturing images and discussing the movie or TV show. Maybe it's a phase, but it's a lot of fun, and I plan a lot more in '09. Believe it or not, I've only done a handful of movie review posts (The Silencers, Cocksucker Blues , The Van, and Pretty Maids All in a Row) and I'd like to do a whole lot more in the upcoming year.

3. Lastly, I love to collect old records, but I still haven't gotten around to getting one of those gadgets that converts the vinyl to a digital format. Sometime in '09, I plan to start putting up music from my old eclectic record collection.

I'm sure other new ideas will present themselves over the next few weeks, months, years... however long I plan to stay with this blogging thing. I'd certainly appreciate any suggestions. Which brings me to one last thing - a big thanks to all those who've dropped by retrospace. I've been inspired by your comments and encouraged by your positive feedback. I don't make a cent from blogging, I lead a very busy life - I've got a big family and a demanding job as a forensic scientist (no, I'm not David Caruso), but winding down each evening in retrospace has been wonderfully fulfilling and therapeutic, and the great comments and daily increase in readership tells me I'm not alone in my world of retro love. So, thanks for coming and, most of all, have a Happy New Year!


  1. An equipment question. I seriously need to upgrade my 10 year old scanner (an Epson)what kind are you getting, what would you recommend. I would like to scan stuff online as well.

    ...and Great Blog

  2. Total congradulations. I thought your blog was older than that. Actually only about the same starting time as mine, though I had a lot of material backed up in notepads as HTML from an old blog and uploaded all that, but we started about the same time. I was on an island south of mainland China then when you took off.

    Always great stuff and I hit you when i see your RSS updated. I can use the blogger stuff on my Necrotic Cinema site and I can see a little image even... pretty cool.

    Good job man and lets keep at it!!!

    Bill aka Uranium Willy

  3. On Smash- I got a Canon MX700 printer/fax/scanner. I'm not a tech expert, so there's probably a lot better out there; it'd be nice to get one with a bed large enough to scan a whole album cover. I love my Canon, but it's probably just blissful ignorance.

    Bill- Yes, let's keep at it and see where it leads. I think the fact that we're both at a pagerank of 4.0 after just a few months should be positive encouragement. It's interesting that retrospace and the U-Cafe were started at the same time on opposite ends of the earth - it will be interesting to see where each of us and our blogs are this time NEXT year!

  4. Hey Gil. I know what you mean about blogging. When I started it myself, I wasn't sure if I would stick with it or not. Now I have two blogs that I do. I love both of them. I also love visiting the blogs of others as well. Yours is one of my favorites. I've learned so much here. You always have some sort of cool and interesting posts going on. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful blog. Thanks also for all the comments you've left on my own blogs. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings for this blog of yours. I'm sure you will have many exciting new things here. Happy New Year!

  5. Keith- Thanks so much for the kind words. The Dino Lounge always lifts the spirits every time I visit, it's such a light hearted and fun place - of course, with such a strong Dino vibe, what else would you expect?

    As I've said to Bill, it will be interesting to see where this blogging thing takes us over the next few months, years, however long. Maybe one day we'll see some good money for all this hard work.... ha, ha, ha, just kidding.

  6. All the best in the new year Gilligan

  7. Thanks a lot, & Happy New Year