Merry Christmas from Huggy Bear

Many of you may remember Antonio Fargas from his work in Foxy Brown (as Pam Grier's no-good brother) or the jittery superfly informant to Starsky and Hutch, Huggy Bear (played by Snoop Dogg in the film adaptation).

If you do remember him, then you can understand my surprise at finding he had released a Christmas record. The news that he'd made a record at all was shock enough, but a Christmas record?

After Starsky & Hutch ended in 1979, Fargas apparently dove at the first opportunity to get his recording career started and wound up with a record company in the Netherlands. Side A is a mediocre disco tune while side B is a funky tune about Christmas in the ghetto. (source: Christmas A Go-Go)

But it just wouldn't be right to mention Starsky & Hutch here at retrospace and let you leave without seeing this picture.

If I ever make a list of the top ambiguously gay duos, I'm putting Detectives Hutchinson and Starsky near the top. The number one position would probably go to Batman and his young wards. Wow!


  1. Roosetr was the master pimp. But there was some other pimp about the same time and now I forget his name. I could easily Google it I guess, bus there was a slightly more sophisticated pimp on the Robert Blake detective show Barretta. I will get back with that name though I have a feeling you know it already.

  2. Ah, I see my mistake (I am sick and on cough syrup now...no, really)... Rooster is the pimp on Barretta. Of course the pimp on Starsky and Hutch was Huggy Bear... because its right there in the title of your post!!! I do have the flu, so sorry.

  3. Get well soon, Bill. Nothin' wrong with a double shot of Ny-Quil.

    Dr. Monkerstein - How I traveled from Huggy Bear to Batman and Robin showering together in just a few short paragraphs is beyond me. My teachers always said I couldn't focus.

  4. Hey Gil. That's so cool. I never had any idea that he did a Christmas album. That would have been awesome. I always loved him on S & H.

  5. Holy crap, Bruce and Dick slept in the same bed????

    And it looks like Starsky and Hutch are holding hands in that pic. I'm sure that was unintentional!

  6. Why would they put bruce and dick in the same bed? That is just CREEPY as Robinis upposed to be a young teenage boy!