Album Covers #4: Music to Blog By

I've seen old records on just about every ridiculous thing you can think of - there's literally albums to play ping-pong by, one called "Music to Grow Plants", and another called “Music to Recline By" (by Richard Maltby and his Orchestra). There's "Music for Swingin' Bowlers", "Music to Barbecue By", "Music to be Murdered By" and, believe it or not, even "Music to Sell Valves By" (don't believe me? go here).

But just when you think you've seen it all, along comes this one.... an album I guess you'd listen to before you go buy a Ukrainian car. Now I've seen everything.

Album cover swiped from I'm Learning to Share


  1. Is that a Plymouth Duster back there? There's no way there were any Ukranian-made cars, right?

  2. I was curious myself: The Ukraine is currently the 10th largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and climbing. However, back in the 1960s their Zaporozhets model had some popularity in Eastern block countries, but otherwise their market was miniscule .... hence, my shock and awe at the extremely narrow target audience for this album!