Ode to Emmy Jo

Yes, this is yet another post on the New Zoo Revue, and no this is not an attempt to drive readers away from this blog. I just have a love for this silly little show, and here's why:

1. Doug's Music

Doug Momary wrote over 600 songs for this show, and 570 of them suck. That being said, there's about twenty or so songs that are actually quite good. If the 5th Dimension or the Jackson 5 had sung them, they would have been big hits and we'd all know them by heart. It's like panning for gold - lots of mud, but every once and a while there's something valuable.

2. Nostalgia

As with many things at retrospace, it earns points simply for the memories it sparks. When I watch the New Zoo Revue, it's suddenly early morning 1974, I'm wearing footy pajamas with a bad case of bedhead, and munching on a big bowl of Boo Berry. I wasn't exactly an avid fan back in the day, but there were only three channels and it was on, so I watched it.

3. Emmy Jo

In the previous post on the New Zoo Revue, I mentioned that the intensely nerdy Doug was married to the smoking hot Emily Peden, who played Emmy Jo. In fact, Doug and Emily are still married and run a very successful business together.

Don't get me wrong, I think Doug is great, and he's a great husband I'm sure. However, it always seemed a slight mismatch nonetheless. Let me clarify this matter for those not as familiar with the show. Here's Doug...

... and here's Emmy Jo...

Get the picture? Anyway, just as many young girls had stars in their eyes for the likes of Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett, there were also a healthy number of little boys in the 1970's who couldn't peel themselves away from the lovely Emmy Jo.

The fact that she often wore a mini skirt and danced go-go style in nearly every episode didn't help matters either.

The Hollywood Investigator states it nicely: The beauty-with-the-brains Peden was sweetheart to millions of heartbreak tots who fell head-over-heels in puppy love with the warmly-endearing "Emmy Jo" and her warm smile, caring family- friendly songs, tight mini-skirts, and knockout go-go boots.

So, congratulations to Doug and Emily on over 35 years of marriage. Thanks for the great songs, the childhood memories, and, most of all, Emmy Jo.

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  1. I recently posted how Lynda Carter & Erin Grey were my earliest known crushes, but I was wrong. I always watched New Zoo Revue. Oh Emmy Jo. Won't you be my bride?

    Thanks for re-sparking my memory (and to Samurai Frog for pointing me your way).

  2. I for one feel the world would be a better place with more, not less, New Zoo Review posts and I am behind you this.

    You are a Blogger man from way back. In Wordpress I can edit my comments AFTER I post them, as well as user comments, like if they call me dickhead I can change that to great wise one.

    This does not appear to be something that can be done in Blogger? I am the king of typos and see some of my replies look like a chimp was setting at the keyboard.

  3. that would be New Zoo Revue, not review... I knew that

  4. You guys are not alone. Emmy Jo seems to have gotten lost in the sands of time for most people.

    Well, I'm only to happy to bring back this long forgotten swingin' chick.

  5. I had never heard of this show or her before. I'm definitely in love now myself with her. Wow! She's a total babe. How in the world he got her I'll never understand!?!

  6. Bill- Thanks for the New Zoo Revue support. The world needs more Emmy Jo and wonderful melodies of Doug. And, you are correct in that Blogger has much less capabilities than WP. C’est la vie.

    Keith- As I said to Dr. Monkey and Mr. Whiteplume, for some reason Emmy Jo was forgotten by many boys who loved and adored her. I'm sure the release onto DVD will bring the memories back for a lot of folks.

  7. I always watched this show after half day kindergarten. Man these were the days!

  8. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    I discovered NZR the summer right after puberty struck. My sister watched it for Freddy, Charlie and Henrietta; I watched it for Emmy Jo. Hey, for the chance to see a hot brunette in miniskirts and boots every weekday at noon on KBHK from San Francisco, I'd put up with goofy costumes for 30 minutes.

  9. "there were also a healthy number of little boys in the 1970's who couldn't peel themselves away from the lovely Emmy Jo."

    AND not so little boys.
    With only three channels and NOTHING to watch after school, I would flop in a chair and catch this "stupid kid show." All the time I was watching Emmy Jo and learning the facts of life.

    It was THAT educational.

  10. Not many people know what im talking about when i mention this show. Finding this space was like coming home to age 4. I liked GIrls at age 4 so maybe i was ahead of my time. But maybe it was the fault of Emmy Jo and Lynda Carter as WOnder Woman. *wipes a tear away* ID kill to hear the Theme Song. "the newww Zooo reviewww. co-min-right-at-chooooo"

  11. Hey folks,

    "Zip your Rip" has posted a New Zoo Review story album.

    If you are a fan or just want to relive memories, find it here


  12. Given that you're an Emmy Jo fan, the hottest Emmy Jo episode I remember is when Doug and Emmy Jo wore butler and maid uniforms - Emmy Jo's was incredibly short, knocked my eyes out! see if you can get a picture of that.

  13. It's funny, I watched New Zoo Review as a boy, and never understtod until now why as an adult I have always been turned on by women in mini skirts and gogo boots. Emmy jo planted the seed in my brain

  14. Hi. I work for Doug Momary and he was flatterred to read all the posts on this site. We're very excited to announce that there's hope for an all new NEW ZOO REVUE. We need to generate enough interest to get the show in the works. Here's a website where you can vote to get the show back on the air. http://www.bringbacknewzoo.com/
    For all you New Zoo fans, we can show new episodes to a whole new generation!! If you want to ask Doug any questions, just let me know.

    1. Well, I'd certainly love to get in touch with you... perhaps you could drop me an email address so I can? Just click the "contact me" on the sidebar or just email me at [email protected]

      Doug and Emmy Jo are heroes of the seventies. I'd promote the hell out of a new New Zoo Revue. Hope to hear from you.

  15. emily peden has the most sexiest legs ever in a short dress or mini skirt and those sexy go go boots and pantyhose she was one of the first women on tv that showed me how sexy women look in pantyhose and mini skirt p.s emmy jo will always be one of the sexiest alive now and forever

  16. i was always in love with emily jo as a small kid and as a grown up i love those short dresses and miniskirts pantyhose an sexy heeled boots she always wore when i was younger i always wanted to lay up bewteen emily jo's legs and look right up her short mini skirts clear up to the crotch of her sheer pantyhose when i was older i thought about emily jo with well hung black guys alot that sexy white girl in bed dressed like that with black dudes making love to her just drives me wild til this day and forever

  17. I too was a young boy when this show was on. It was a show that both I and my father enjoyed... for obvious reasons.

  18. AnonymousJune 19, 2013

    I'm a girl who loved this show in 70s (I was about 5). I think you're right in that Doug had some really great songs. As a little girl, I recall that nothing made the show slow. I liked the humans interacting with the animals (unlike Mr. Rogers, where I thought the people made the puppet excerpts suck), Freddie's Charlie Brown-esque melancholy thoughtfulness, and the chemistry between Henrietta and Emmy Joe's chemistry. Thank you for bringing up these wonderful memories. :)

  19. I have NEVER forggoten Emmy Jo............The nerdy/hot matchup reminds me of the modern day "According to Jim"(Jim Belushi/Courtney Thorne-Smith, who can rival Emmy Jo in hotness and is us GENTLEMEN's favourite color--blonde.,0 Oh. And Emmy Jo had something that the similiar looking Scooby Doo heroine Daphne did NOT have-personality..groovier clothes, and not overmerchandised. Oh yeah., And a better voice.I was 10 when this aired first in 1972.

  20. Rumor has it that the glue of Doug and Emmy-Jo's strange match was a anatomical piece of Doug's that would have been more familiar to Henrietta Hippo...

  21. I loved this show growing up, and yes, I was one of those kids who had a huge crush on Emmy-Jo. She was probably my first crush, followed by Princess Leia. But childhood crushes aside I loved the show overall. I always considered it a far more appropriate and accessible show compared to others like it (Banana Splits, H.R. Pufnstuf etc...) This one was clean (as in the set, props and costumes were always clean and tidy) and I think it was the only one that like Sesame Street, focused on helping children identify and understand challenges in a developmentally appropriate rate. And oh yeah, Emmy Jo.