A Very Heino Christmas

I am sure that many English speaking musicians seem strange to other cultures... but that doesn't erase the fact that Heino scares the hell out of me. Heinz Georg Kramm is one of the most famous singers in Germany. He (and his hair and shades) has been one of the best known personalities in Germany since the mid-1960's! (source)

Well, you can hardly blame me for my instinctual aversion to Heino given his track record of creepy album covers.

Here's a clip from his Christmas special in the 1970's. Same haircut, same shades, same icy cold chills going down my spine.

Of course, strange and awful Christmas music is in no short supply here in the States. The absolute worst Christmas song of all time has to be John Denver's "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)". Here's a taste-

The Sun Sentinel has a great list of horrible Christmas album covers if you want to check it out.


  1. This guy looks like Deiter, the Mike Meyers character on the old SNL who always ended the skit with "lets dance" or something. He looks like he would be in an Ilsa" Shewolf of the SS exploitation flick.

    I tried to answer your Q back at the Cafe about the the thumbnails and viewer. I don't know if I helped.


  2. I never really knew much about him until recently. I'll say that he creeps me out. There is just something so strange about him. Yikes!

  3. Bill- In my mind, he's sort of a Deiter with a dash of Norman Bates creepiness.

    I will be sure to check out your tips at the Ucafe ASAP. Thanks so much.

    Keith- This is the same country that treats David Hasselhoff like the Beatles.

    We can't laugh too hard at the Germans though; our celebs can be just as ridiculous and lame (i.e. Clay Aiken).

  4. Too bad I can't watch the Heino video now.