An Experiment in Audio

This is more or less an experiment in posting audio files. I wish I had time to dish up a quality post, but I've been too busy having my ass handed to me by my 7 year old son playing Wii Sports.

I've pretty much randomly chosen a song to see how this thing works. The audio devices I've used in previous posts have been very frustrating (ex. imeem) and unreliable. Thankfully Bill over at the Uranium Cafe was kind enough to offer some advice to put me out of my misery. The test tracks are "X Ray Eyes" and "Man of 1,000 Faces" from Gene Simmons' 1978 solo album.

I just can't resist dishing out a bit of trivia regarding this album: Katey Sagal (Peg from Married... with Children) was the backup vocalist on this record. Also, this album was recorded while Simmons and Cher were hot and heavy; thus, Cher makes an appearance as a backup singer as well.

What do I think of Simmons' solo venture? I like it... in fact I liked KISS long after their popularity waned. I was lured in by Destroyer and really stuck with them till the mid-eighties hair band thing took over (i.e. Animalize). I'm probably one of only a handful of people on planet earth who actually liked their epic failure The Elder.

But more on KISS at another time.... for now, I'm just hoping this audio works.

Whoops. I think "X-ray Eyes" is from the Dynasty album, not Gene's solo LP. My bad.


  1. Enjoying Music From the Elder is the mark of a true Kiss fan. You are hardcore if you can recite the lyrics from Unmasked. A lot of great Kiss music gets overlooked because of the theatrics and mass merchandise. Your test clips are in working order and sound great...been a long time since I pulled out the solo vinyl. Destroyer was my first album too. My parents must have tuned out to much of my Kiss music. I was busting out the lyrics to "Take me" at 9 years old.

  2. Excellent results. While never a huge fan of KISS outside the double live album (great songs, Strutter, Cold Gin, Black Diamond)I am always interested in them as social phenomenon.

    I heard the music fine ad am glad I could help. It can help to let people know that by right clicking on the player a menu appears and there is an option to download the song so long as they have Real Player installed. I will eventually be going back and redoing all my music posts... damn... but it is better. My Flashfetish player is looking screwy in some posts and the download option is gone. The color pattern of this flash player matched my site perfectly and seems equally suited in yours.


  3. I've had problems with flash music players in the past. I did a script for adding files with plain HTML here. You need somewhere to upload the songs and can add the album image. It seems to work okay.

  4. Chris- I love Unmasked and even the disco KISS on Dynasty. One day I plan to waste an inordinate amount of time on a post defending The Elder as some sort of lost underrated classic. Glad to get your comment since it led me to your cool blog - it's now on my blogroll.

    Bill- Thanks again. You wouldn't think audio would be so damn difficult - but as I told you before, I think Google doesn't want to make it too easy due to legal issues with music sharing. Imeem was nice till they started adding annoying ads to their player which I cannot delete without screwing everything up. I'll spare you another sob story, because I know you've had a lot more technical difficulties launching a blog from China, and this is the least of your worries.

    Appreciate the help!!

  5. Darius- I've seen audio on your site, and it's looked good. Thanks for the tip, I'll give a try.

    Did you develop this yourself? You must be pretty adept with HTML and computers in general... Sadly, I've been behind the curve since I got my VIC 20 in 1983.

  6. Cool tunes. I actually had this album at one time. I enjoyed it. I always liked KISS. I liked them with or without the makeup. They have made some really awesome songs over the years. My intro to KISS was seeing a poster that one of my older cousins had on his wall. I got a chance to hear Destroyer which was the first album of theirs I ever bought. I even liked their movie "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park."

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  8. Keith- I think most male gen xers were KISS fans at one time or another. For some reason their popularity tanked not long after these solo albums, but they continued to put out great music. Unmasked and Creatures of the Night have great songs on them, and (as I mentioned) The Elder was almost a career killer for them, but was actually a great LP - maybe just too experimental for their legions of fans expecting a bunch a tunes about nailing groupies.

  9. I disagree with Chris though...I'm hardcore kiss fan and i don't enjoy Elder unless I'm hearing The Oath, or Escape from the Island. The mark of a true KISS fan is someone who sticks with them after they release 425 greatest hits albums and no original music because they claim "the fans only want to hear the classics." Just recently they changed their tune though.

    Gene's solo album actually let me down quite a bit as far as replayability goes. That's what I measure music on. How many millions of times I can hear it and still enjoy it. Ace and Paul have the best solo albums. Here's The Sexy Armpit's guide to KISS songs you should download: http://thesexyarmpit.blogspot.com/2008/08/sexy-armpits-guide-to-best-kiss-songs.html

  10. I am a bit of a programming geek, not professionally. I am more of a system geek for work.

    That page is just a bit of Javascript that inserts your text into a code template. I should have mentioned to copy the ouput code to paste into your blog.

    The only errors I have seen are if there is not a media player associated with the browser. Damn iTunes/QuickTime has infected my systems, and it causes a few problems. c'est la merde!

  11. Jay - I would say I'm a true KISS fan in the same way I'm a true Stones fan- I haven't liked a single solitary song the Stones have put out since "The Harlem Shuffle", but I loved the band so much once upon a time that I still count myself a fan. Travel back in time to this day ~thirty years ago and you'll probably find me staring wistfully at the Love Gun album cover... I was obsessed. The obsession turn to complete indifference with Animalize and everything thereafter.

    By the way, I enjoyed your 20 men meme - Ted McGinley, William Zabka... perfection!!

  12. While Unmasked made me quit liking KISS as a 13 year old, when I found The Elder in a used bin I fell in love with it. It's such a pity that they never got to make the movie of it!
    My review.

    Fine blog you have here.