My Brady Bunch Novel Was Written by a Wild Playboy

I just read through a Brady Bunch novel from 1972 and, just for kicks, thought I'd look up the author, Jack Matcha, and see what other kind of work he'd done. I was surprised to learn that Matcha had quite an interesting (and often sleazy) career - not something I expected from an author of a Tiger Beat Publication!

I was surprised to learn that Matcha's early work was with 'Kozy Books', a publishing firm which specialised in pulp sleaze novels. His first Kozy Books novel was called The Love Seekers (1961). I wasn't able to find the cover to this particular book, but Kozy covers are everywhere... and hilariously bad.

My understanding is that Matcha published several sleazy novels under various pseudonyms like:
The Killer Came Naked under the pseudonym John Tanner.

and Ask for Lois under the pseudonym John Barclay.

During Matcha's tenure aboard the sleaze publishing express, I guess he teamed up with another pulp sleaze author Charles Fritch, who'd also written under pseudonyms like Christophyer Sly (ex. 7 Deadly Sinners). Together they started the successful Frimac publications (a combination of the first three letters in their last names; fri + mac) which published various genres of fiction, including porn under the their publication branch Carousel Books.

One good thing that came out of the Fritch-Matcha team up was the science fiction magazine, Gamma. Together with William F. Nolan (the guy behind Logan's Run) they produced this pretty experimental sci-fi mag which is highly regarded today. However, it made very little profit and subsequently didn't last long (1963–1965, 5 issues).

Perhaps Matcha's most successful work was A Rogue's Guide to Europe (1965) - a must-have for any pleasure seeking playboy bachelor of the sixties. Check out the book's ribald description:

"Dedicated to high life, libertines and the happiness of pursuit...a witty, hip, outrageous tour through the sin bins and hot spots of Europe. From nude women wrestling in mud to a stage show watched from a bathtub built for two, from Munich's telephone clubs (from table to table, bachelor to girl, with no limit on message units) to London's lively but lethal Soho, from the bare-flesh beaches of the Riviera (and the Ile du Levant where even a Bikini makes a girl overdressed) to the madhouse anything-goes merriment of Fasching-time in Munich, this is the first way-out, no-holds-barred guide to the wildest, warmest, girliest places in Europe."

Well, I'm not sure what ultimately became of Matcha. I know he continued to write sleaze under pseudonyms in the early seventies, and also wrote a couple more Brady Bunch novels. Otherwise, it seems he receded into anonymity. If anyone knows any more about this colorful author/publisher, please comment - or correct me where my so-called "research" has erred.

And one last thing.... I figured I'd scan the Brady Bunch Fan Club ad from the last page of the book. A record, stickers, signed photos, membership card and a book- not a bad deal for $2.00 plus shipping!


  1. First let me say I am addicted to old paperback covers. I had quite a collection back when I owned "real" things, and now on my computer and disks I must have close to a thousand and have no clue what to do with them yet but there are plans to do some posts. Great artwork i my opinion.

    Second, I may have solved the matter of how to on the one hand have music samples on my site and how to allow readers to download them as well. I have to actually use two file storage site, one that allows me to add a link with .mp3 at the end and another that allows downloading.

    Why can't this just be simple!!!! But ti works if you would like to test it and let me know before I get too happy. Now, when you try to download sometimes a Quicktime page opens, but go back refresh and you should be able to download the songs here. I am not getting the QT page lately, but did and panicked.

    Try my Jimmy Page Soundtrack. No need to download the whole song, just let me know if it works at all form your side.



  2. "TV's most exciting family?" Even when the Bunch was on that wasn't really true, was it?

    (Nice blog.)

  3. Hey Gil. Wow! What a cool post. It's neat that there are quite a few people that turn out to have careers in more mainstream entertainment and also in the more sleazy world. I love tawdry paperbacks as it is. The covers are one of the major assets of them. It would be neat to know whatever happened to him. I love that book about Europe. That would have been awesome to have back in the 60's before a trip abroad. Cheers!

  4. Bill- Yes, I'd be interested in what you've learned posting music at the UCafe. My luck has been miserable.

    Greg - With a name like "Greg" you'd think you'd give the Brady's more respect! :-) Seriously, I can think of a lot of words to describe the Bradys.... "exciting" is not one of them.

    Keith- I cannot explain why, but when I see an old album or paperback, I feel this intense urge to find out about that person, the story behind the name... the backstories to these names is often fascinating.

    For example, remember my "Creepy Album Covers" post? That one started because I found this old album by this duo "Jon and Robin". Out of bored curiosity, I investigated it and found that the friendly looking gent on the cover (Jon) had gone completely psycho and killed somebody.

    That post is here by the way:


    Anyway, it doesn't have to be morbid to be interesting, but you get my point. Well, I've talked too long on this comment already. Cheers!

  5. Well really the type of writing is very similar in both a kid's book and pulp and even soft core porno: it is writing by numbers or formula so it isn't surprising that the same guy did all of that.

  6. mhampton - Very good point. The Brady Bunch novel isn't exactly great literature... I don't think there's too many crappy TV show novelizations out there written by Vonnegut, Updike or Salinger. Although, I do believe Asimov wrote the novelization to Fantastic Voyage.

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  8. MATCHA, JACK (B.) 1919-2003. Pseudonyms: John Barclay, John Tanner, qq.v. Born in New York City; degrees from Columbia (1942) and USC (1959). A reporter with the Baltimore Sun; playwright and TV writer in the 1970s. Taught at Los Angeles Southwest College circa 1978.

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