The Boob Tube #5: The Mod Squad

I just watched the first season of The Mod Squad (1968) and enjoyed it enough to do a little research on the show and the people in it. Here's nine facts I found interesting:

1. Clarence Williams, who plays Linc Hayes, was married to Gloria Foster -The Oracle on The Matrix! Which is funny, because he kind of reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne.

2. The theme music was written by Earle Hagen, the same guy who co-wrote and whistled "The Fishin' Hole", the melody of the main theme to The Andy Griffith Show.

3. Peggy Lipton was married to Quincy Jones from 1974 to 1990. During that time period we didn't see much of Lipton since Quincy demanded that she stay home and not work.

4. Before her days on The Mod Squad, Lipton was supposedly romantically linked to several big names including Elvis, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Keith Moon. She states in her biography that she was also involved with Paul McCartney.

5. Prior to The Mod Squad, Lipton had a brief musical career. Listen to her self titled debut album here. Lipton's song "Stony End" (written by Laura Nyro) became the title track for Barbara Streisand's 12th studio album.

6. The Mod Squad was produced by Danny Thomas (and also Aaron Spelling - big surprise).

7. Tige Andrews, the captain on The Mod Squad, was the second Klingon ever to appear on Star Trek.

8. Michael Cole, who played Pete Cochran, is "known for an infamous incident in 1973 which was broadcast live on Australian television during the annual TV Week Logie Awards. Stepping on stage to accept an award, Cole - described in subsequent news articles as either drunk or "in a tired and emotional state" - gave a barely coherent "thank you" speech that ended with the actor uttering a four-letter profanity." (source: Wikipedia) .... I'd give anything for that YouTube clip!

9. Harrison Ford appeared uncredited in the first Mod Squad episode "The Teeth of the Barracuda". Of course, this inspired me to create an original piece of Retrospace artwork. Feel free to print this out and put in a nice frame. My artistic vision is sometimes frighteningly brilliant.


  1. I always liked this show. I had a crush on Peggy. Thanks for posting those facts. I didn't really know any of them. Hope you're having a good weekend. Cheers!

  2. Man you got your fingr on the pulse.
    I bumped into you through a link on one of your friends blogs. Stop by and visit me at www.RobotNine.com

  3. Thanks, Keith. Yes, I think a lot of kids were in love with Peggy.... that is, until Quincy Jones locked her up in his mansion.

    Alan- I visited your site. Some good stuff going on there. As Linc on the Mod Squad would say - "Solid!"

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