Album Covers #5: Album Oddities

I find it interesting that Mexican movies and music became immensely popular in Yugoslavia in the 1950s. What a strange phenomenon that two distant and seemingly dissimilar countries would find common ground in film and song! The music is called Yu-Mex and you can learn more from this great site.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing particularly strange about this album cover. A bunch of ladies (and one guy) gathering around while Joe tickles the ivories. No big deal... except for the strange orange creature on his lap! What the hell is that thing? Perhaps it's Kuato from Total Recall, growing out of Joe's abdomen.


  1. What is that!?! Very weird indeed.

    That's really neat about the whole Mexico and Yugoslavia thing. I never had any idea.

  2. Look at Joe go! He's doin' it!

  3. It... looks like a black haired, red skinned devil is giving Joe's little Joe some... 'service'...

    Say it ain't so, Joe!

  4. I had my wife check this out and she agrees with me. She said "ewww", too... :(

    And that lady's hand is making sure the devil finishes his work.