A Heart-Breaking Ad

Heart's debut album Dreamboat Annie was an undeniable success, and rumors that the Wilson sisters were witches didn't exactly hurt record sales either. "Magic Man" was thought to be a love song to Satan himself.

But that wasn't good enough for the greedy record company.

As if Heart needed more controversy on top of being called devil worshipers, the record company concocted a full page ad in Rolling Stone depicting Ann and Nancy as incestuous lesbians.

"It was only our first time!" reads the caption. I guess the record company bastards thought they were really ingenious by making it look like a tabloid article.

One good thing came out of this mess - it pissed the sisters off so bad that they wrote a song about it called "Barracuda".


  1. I had fantasies about threesomes with them way before their record company put the idea out there.

  2. Man I love early Heart. I'm not so fond of the 80s stuff.

  3. I would have loved to have had a threesome with them myself back in that era. Wow! At least what the record company did sparked a great classic song.

  4. A lot of bands lost their rock cred in the glossy and synthy 80s. Worst of all had to be the Jefferson Airplane to Starship transition -from "White Rabbit" to "We Built this City", wow!